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High Resolution Music


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Mar 22, 2022
Hi. I bought Sony STR-DH790, sony speakers 5.1.2; but this is just 2 channel question (well, some "Spatial" question too).

I have hooked up: 1) Apple TV 4K via HDMI "8k" cable; 2) a PC via HDMI "1.4" port; 3) a Mac Mini [circa 2014] with OPTICAL from digital headphones out to OPTICAL in of Receiver. I had also hooked up an 0) IPAD via "Digital AV connector " lightning to HDMI.

For streaming, I have Apple Music and I have tried Quboz on the PC. Here is what I can do.

0) On the IPad I enabled "lossless", receiver said 48K 2.0 Channel for everything.
1) On the Apple TV, same, receiver says 48K 2.0 Channel for everything. Spatial lights up the Atmos on the Receiver
2) On the PC, HDMI, I have configured the Sound card to 24bit/192K highest. With Quoboz, "windows session exclusive", Receiver matches what the input source is: 44.1K, 96K, 192K, etc. I can also play Atmos dolby samples and receiver lights up to Atmos. (It can come as 2.0, 5.1, 7.1 depending on setting)
3) On the Mac Mini, I have changed Audio Midi set up to 24bit/192K highest. In Apple Music, I have "high resolution lossless". But, it is not exclusive, system sounds are mixed in. So I think it's decoding it, mixing it, re-encoding it, receiver re-decodes it. (It also comes as multichannel or stereo 2.0, 5.1, 7.1 depending on setting)
4) I connect optical to SACD/CD function and with the mac mini I change it to 24bit/192. The receiver shows 192 2.0 channel.

I can "hear" a difference in between the 48K "lossless" on the Apple TV / and all the "high resolution" when I play Pink Floyd or Birth of the cool or whatever. When I test something that's just 44.1K like Dire Straits, i dunno, I assume no difference.

So, I have a few questions:

1) Do I need to make sure the mac mini is set to a "proper" multiple of the source? For 48 or 96, then 192 is even multiple. For 44.1, the 176 setting is even multiple. Does it matter?
2) I swear it's not just a loudness volume thing - I really can hear a diff between the "lossless" 48 and the 96 or 192, even if I bump the volume. It's subtle, but it's obvious. Am I high or what.
3) Does it really matter that the Quoboz makes the receiver show the EXACT setting of the file? It makes me feel good. That's with the PC and the exclusive mode, and it means I can't just use Apple Music. (Apple music has some high rez that quoboz does not though). I don't think I really hear a difference between the Apple Music on the optical, the Apple Music on the Hdmi, and the Quoboz on the PC Hdmi, but the receiver always shows "192" regardless of the source with the optical/mac mini and with the quoboz I can make it "match" the input. Does that matter?
4) Any reason not to use the optical? This is just 2 channel audio.

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Jan 22, 2022
I just set to the highest sample rate that my audio interface can take regardless what format it takes. Not that I can heard less noise, I want my drive to drive lesser noise on audible frequency even it is 0.000001 watt different.
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