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Hiby R2, R3 Pro (saber), R5


Jul 25, 2021
Hello. I am looking to buy a player Hiby R2, R3 Pro (Saber), R5. The player is needed mainly on the road (sometimes for home, as an external DAC). Therefore, I do not consider R6 (heavy), R5 will fit in size. I listen mainly to heavy music (metal, metalcore, hardcore). Several questions have accumulated. R2, as I understand it, is quite simple (at the level of an external usb DAC), so it most likely disappears (correct if this is not the case). R3 is already more interesting, but they said that the DAC in Saber is worse, so Pro is better. So the question is: is the Pro sound really better? And also enough Hiby music (or would it be better if there was an android UAPP)? R5, the sound is better than all previous ones, android, balanced 4.4. What can you advise?
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