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Has anyone tried Dolby PHRTF, Genelec Aural ID or Mesh2HRTF?


Apr 2, 2023
I tried submitting an entry to try Dolby PGRTF out but got no feedback from Dolby.
I've been considering using Mesh2HRTF, but since there is this service offered by Dolby that seems like it's free, maybe it doesn't make sense to go through all the hassle of generating the SOFA file by yourself.
There's also Genelec Aural ID, but it's too expensive. My idea is to use it for stereo listening only, to simulate the experience of being in a studio.
I've been using Dear VR's Mix plugin and it works wonderfully, way better than Waves NX or HeSuVi. You just have to poperly use it by applying one of the headphone calibration files available in the plugin. Even though it works well, I would like to go a step further by listening to my own HRTF, I can only imagine how awesome it is.
There are no videos around of people reviewing Genelec Aural ID, Dolby PHRTF, nor Mesh2HRTF. There's so very little infomation out there, it's a little strange, actually.
Has anyone tried any of these solutions and could give a feedback?
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Feb 17, 2023
I don't think there's any point at paying huge amounts of money for those systems :
- They rely on converting 3D geometry in HRTFs, which can have its degree of inacurracies.
- They rely on average frequency response curves for headphones, which is more or less accurate based on the unit-to-unit variations of the specific headphones model. Also, your own ears can be different from the averaged ones of the measurement rig used to get those frequency responses in the first place.

I think only Sony is doing the right thing, by physically recording your own personal HRTF :

However you're limited by their 360 audio format, and they only do this in Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles. Quite a bummer :confused:


May 17, 2023
A few Sony headphones do allow you to generate a HRTF (by taking a picture of your ears using an app). Then you can listen to "360 Reality Audio" tracks available on Tidal.

The first tracks released on the format were quite artificial/gimmicky, but it has matured somewhat - the "360" effect mostly sounds like a good crossfeed effect now.
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