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Mar 31, 2024
Has anyone spent some time with Exigy loudspeakers?

in my admittedly limited experience I’d say they are incredibly brutal, it’s like it’s more than honest, and I get the impression it somehow amplifies everything that’s wrong with the mix. But maybe this is just the most honest system I’ve listened critically on and it’s extremely evident.

They don’t seem massively popular, I guess as a manufacturer they would be quite small? I’d just be very interested to read some analysis or others’ experience on them, maybe get some clues of why and how they sound so unique (imo they do anyway). The room will have an big influence as well I know.

In my own home setup I have kh120 ii LCR, kh80 Ls Rs and a 750 sub in a relatively small treated room. When listening critically I’m just totally oblivious to so much in comparison. My setup could very well be sub par though tbh.

So yeah just a talking point…, I’m curious and couldn’t find much online about them!


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Apr 22, 2021
They seem like a bespoke speaker maker and their "new venture" has a couple of renders only.

I guess the circle triangle design is interesting
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