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Durability of Chinese amplifiers aiyima, smsl, fosi audio

I had one of those Gemtune SET amps
I bought on Amazon out of curiosity. Right around the 24 month mark it started blowing 5U4 rectifier tubes. Opened it up and it was loaded with cheap no name caps that were of completely wrong values for the tubes it shipped with. Either too high or low.I will say though I've had an SMSL DAC and an FX Audio solid state amplifier going on four years now without issues.
Even though out of the OP's scope on this thread, just for our possible interest and reference.;)

Accuphase gears are rather expensive, but it includes their service and maintenance policy/practice.

I wrote here;
Accuphase provides repair and maintenance services for any of their past and present products sold in the past 50 years. Just one phone call to Accuphase, and they collect the amps (by the specially contracted transfer company having huge Accuphase boxes) at your home and they send it back to you afterwards; usually within one week quick and perfect service (in Japan) in reasonable cost after the warranty period. Of course the service is completely free within the warranty period.

I did it three times on my E-460; Accuphase's own decision to replace one capacitor (after the warranty period but of course free; a kind of gentle/generous preventive recall?), one repair for my mistake (short-circuit at SP terminals while operation) and one full overhaul maintenance.

They have several large storage rooms keeping huge amount of amp parts, including rather old capacitors, resistors, inductors and so on, used in their old products. In case if they cannot find the same parts, sometimes they even handmade it (by themselves or by contract-out) for perfect repair and maintenance, still in reasonable cost for us.

Their comparably high price list includes the cost covering such repair/maintenance policy, operation, human resources and services, I believe.

These policy and practice are of course the same for overseas users through the appointed dealers.

And I also wrote here;
Accuphase is intentionally restricting their export sales less than 30 % of their total business revenue in order to keep existing as an pure Japanese independent sustainable company;
Let me share another nice example of long-range (long-year) repair and maintenance service in Japan provided by FOSTEX, a speaker components company.

FOSTEX T925A metal horn super-tweeter was launched in audio market in April 1994, and it has been keeping good reputation until today. It is amazing Fostex still has T925A in their product lineup. I purchased a pair of T925A in 1996, and have been using with great satisfactions over 27 years.

Early December 2021, I contacted with Fostex Company, with no expectation of positive response though, inquiring the possibility of overhaul maintenance of my T925As. They very quickly responded; "We thank you and very proud of your long-year loyalty of T925A. We are very happy to give overhaul maintenance of your T925As!"

My T925As were hospitalized accordingly at Fostex service center for a week, and came back to my home in 10 days. Fostex completely disassemble T925A, cleaned-up every parts, measured, and replaced some of them, including the inner thin connection wires, with new ones; all with reasonable cost including the shipping. If you would be interested, please refer here on my project thread for the details.
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Hello dear, I apologize, my native language is Spanish. I translated the text but I had the automatic translator activated and when I pasted the text it was translated again. Tell them that I bought fosi audio tb10d, I've had it for 6 months and so far I haven't had any problems, I keep it plugged in 24/7, so I was encouraged to try the fosi audio v3, which according to the measures is a good update both in measures like build quality and i also realized that probably due to new upgrades in a period of a few years, considering the price of all products, you upgrade yourself before the device breaks. thanks and regards
Update on the Fosi BT30D with its original power brick: we have passed the 24 months mark. No issues. Only change in the setup, the amp is driving a pair of Q Acoustics 3010i instead of the Micca OoOs.
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I have had my Ayima and SMSL amps for maybe 5 years and no issues...they are sporty!

Dang, these are all so similar....I have had either a Topping or SMSL DAC I grabbed at Drop dot com a couple years ago and it's performed flawlessly, as well.

Thumbs up from my experience!
He tenido mis amplificadores Ayima y SMSL durante unos 5 años y no he tenido problemas... ¡son deportivos!

Maldita sea, todos estos son muy similares... Tuve un DAC Topping o SMSL que compré en Drop dot com hace un par de años y también funcionó perfectamente.

¡Aprobado por mi experiencia!
thank u very much
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