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  1. G

    Fosi Audio BT20A Pro blown capacitor help

    I’m new to anything audio. Seeking some guidance as to what is the role of this capacitor in the amp? Also, curious what was the likely cause. I was running the amp pretty hard at 48v when this occurred. I replaced the blown capacitor with an equivalent Nichicon cap. I am still not getting...
  2. M

    Fosi Audio BT30D Pro Actual Output?

    Firstly, I would like to say, this is my first Fosi Audio product. And so I would like to mention that the build quality and the sound is great, no clicks or pops, and no dreaded white noise whilst on standby. Especially at the price. I've definetly been swooned. Now my actual question is...
  3. J

    Durability of Chinese amplifiers aiyima, smsl, fosi audio

    Hi dear. Good afternoon, I have been reading reviews about Chinese amplifiers from brands like aiyima, slms, fosi audio, apparently they are not very durable over time and there are some people who indicate that they do not have much security against overloads or that failures occur with one...
  4. Talisman

    Aoshida A6 amplifier: This is NOT a review

    This is NOT a review, but an overview of the Aoshida A6 amplifier DISCLAIMER I know that many on ASR completely denigrate tube products, especially the very cheap ones with more aesthetic than functional purposes, as in this case, but considering the probable intended use of an amplifier in...
  5. kiranmatrixlee

    Which is a suitable budget friendly 2.1 Hi-Fi Amplifier in 2023?

    I am seeking a budget-friendly 2.1 HiFi audio amplifier to connect my speakers. My Speaker specification is below. Left and Right speaker specs Model: Sony SS-VX333 Watts: 120 W RMS Impedance: 6Ohm Type: 3Way Subwoofer specs Model: JBL GT-X 1200 JBL Watts: 300W RMS (1200W PMPO) Impedance...
  6. A

    ART DJPRE II vs Fosi Audio X2 modded

    Hello, I recently bought an ART DJPRE II to replace my modded Fosi Audio X2 because it distorted at higher levels than the normal 39 dB. The problem is I can't really tell which one is really better, it seems to me that the Fosi is kinda brighter or as more resolution and the DJPRE II is darker...
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