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Downfiring subwoofers - to platform or not to platform?


Feb 2, 2023
I have a cylindrical sub. It is an SVS PC-4000. Thing weighs a ton, and I can’t move it by myself so want to give myself the best chance of success that I can.

The predecessor of the PC-4000 came with a circular platform for the sub to sit on, but the PC-4000 has large rubber feet instead.

I have seen some people put downfiring subs on bamboo board or cement blocks. Would I be wise to follow suit? What effect does doing so actually have on the sound?

For reference, the flooring is laminate on cement.

Thank you


Major Contributor
Mar 17, 2022
I have DF Subs on Platforms. My main reason was that I needed to isolate the subs from a spongy floor. I did go through a thought process about whether carpet being the first thing the wavefront hits might be bad, but fortunately kept that short-lived. ;)

I have my platforms coupled solidly into the floorboard with spikes and leveled. Platforms are concrete, though Maple or Granite would be better suited. Subwoofers are then on isolation feet (SVS Soundpath, same as your Subs should have IIRC).

This is somewhat overkill in most situations I think. Moral of the story: do it if you want, but don't expect any significant changes in sound or "tightness" of Bass. ;) If stability is a concern, then yes, platforms could be a solution.
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