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KH310 studio/office room - acoustic advice?


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Aug 8, 2022
Hi all!

Looking for any advice, mainly regarding acoustic improvements to this room, but any advice in general is appreciated.
I’ve attached the vector average from the left speaker before FIR filtering was done, so response is a little flatter than that. I’ve also attached images of the room.
My equipment/setup is:

1: Neumann KH310 – Just purchased, been eying them for a number of years and finally took the plunge. Absolutely love these. Previously used Klipsch R-51PM's which had needed extensive calibration.

2: SVS SB-1000 – had this sub for ~5yrs and it does what I need it to, and has enough low-end extension for the room in.

3: MiniDSP Flex Balanced, which has Xover, PEQ filters on all, plus 1024 tap FIR filters generated using REW and rePhase on the L and R channel. I’ve also attached the Xover settings for your perusal.

4: Acoustic treatment is built by myself. Using Bradford Acoustigard 14kg/m^3, which has gas flow resitivity of 5840rayls/m. It is the best option available to me here in northern Australia. Most panels are an MDF “wire-frame” that are 300mm thick, except the corner absorber which are 375mm. Lined with stretched poplin fabric that was stapled to the frame. I have enough insulation left for 5x 300m panels or the equivalent.
The tiny panels at the back use 50mm Fibertex 650 which is 100kg/m^3 and 50000rayls/m. I have more panels of them, but relocated the 6 I didn’t use when I built the big panels.
All panels measure 1.2x0.6m, with varying thicknesses.

First up – I know this is an overly dead space for what is “optimal”, however I believe that is more towards what I need(ed). I also do love the deadness I’ll be honest – I mainly study in here. I teach and play bagpipes in this room, which reach 110-120dB… so an overly dead space was needed. There is a house joined on the left side, owned by a lovely elderly couple who do genuinely enjoy my playing, but I still wanted to reduce the noise as much as I could. The separating wall is core-filled brick I believe. At present when I play it’s “soft background noise” next door according to the neighbours.

I’ve been considering ceiling treatment but my limitation is that I can’t make any permanent modifications like drilling into ceiling etc… I will be living/using this room for around another 4yrs, until I move interstate likely into a house with a dedicated large space.

I could mount something lightweight with blu-tac, which I occasionally consider something like mild diffusion, which I’m not sure on given the small room size. Also considered mild absorption for the reflections from the speakers to my ear. Open to any ideas! Room measures 3x3m with 2.6m height. I do need frequent access to the cupboard at the back, so can’t block the mirror too much.

Thanks for reading this far, and any input is greatly appreciated!!


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