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Does SPDIF transport matter? Chinese hifi vs default audio interface


Apr 6, 2024
So I was using Chinese noname (Amanero Italian USB Interface Card Cpld Spdif I2S DSD512 Dop128 Coaxial Output Signal Processing And Conversion) that cost around 90Euro (it is not cheap, knowing it has noname, very basic make just a pcb and clear plastic, no cardboard box and stuff and not very polished drivers). They have two versions, one 15 euro cheaper and has cheaper clock\crystal oscillator. And it can use external power for better power routing and less distortion. I had to purchase Native instruments komplete audio 6 mk2 to do my Neumann 120IIs+750 Ma1 calibration, as the chinese interface has no mic input.
And it feels to me that chinese interface sounds better, more crisp.
I had Adam A7V before and switching to Neumann kh120II was a bit disappointed, the high end was not really impressive, but once I switched from analog xlr ditching my Motu m2(that doesn't have SPDIF) for Chinese interface, the speakers started to sound almost as sharp as Adams, almost. I can clearly hear the difference between analog and spdif input on Neumann 120IIs, it is small, but you can notice it. I am sure it is not a placebo, as I don't hear difference between cheap and expensive proper cables and stuff, I am sane and had music education at school.
However it is not clear to me if the Native Instruments KA6MK2 and chinese interface sound the same. Feels like chinese a bit more clear, hovewer I am not sure may be they are just a bit louder... it is a very narrow line in perception, very subtle.
They should be the same, right? All processing is done in the speakers and bits are bits? I have MA1 and can try to take mesurements and find out, but I luck techincal knowledge of the measurement proccess and my room despite being threated still is not perfect. May be someone already did the measurements of some sort and made reports here on forum?
Screenshot 2024-04-10 134142.png
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