1. GoldenOne

    Confused about the best way to get digital audio into my DAC

    So, I should shortly be receiving a Holo May dac, and i'm a bit confused about some of the things that people have said about it/the spring online. Typically, I'd just connect my DAC to my PC via a decent USB cable (Just a Supra one, not super cheap, but nothing snakeoil) A lot of people have...
  2. C

    Would SPDIF Optical Out from my motherboard's ALC892 be exactly the same as through my soundcard's?

    Hey guys, first post here, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section, I recently got a Fiio K5 Pro, I wanted a capable dac/amp mostly for future upgrades but it does drive my AKG K240 perfectly, I'm very happy with it. However, when used with USB, whenever my PC does something intensive like...
  3. X

    Modi 2 vs. Modi 3 | SPDIF vs. USB

    So I got both of these DACs. From a basic A/B test all I notice is the Modi 3 sounds louder than the 2 but overall very similar via USB. However on SPDIF it's louder and also more muffled/bassy/"warm", it sounds extremely different. Could this be an issue with my input? It's a digital output on...
  4. A

    Spdif connection between ADC and amplifier

    Hello, my name is Alejandro, i'm from Italy and it's the first post a write in this forum. I'm setting an audio system with a Beocreate card. I need to connect an ADC card TOSLINK output to the Beocreate TOSLINK input. The two ports are physically positioned face to face on the base board I'm...
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