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dire need of help with setup


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Sep 17, 2021
Hi everyone!
This thread will be a bit longer, but I have huge hopes in you guys being able to help me. I recently got into the game of wanting a more serious setup, upgrading from a pair of Yamaha hs 8-s.

What I have:
- pro-ject essential 3 vinyl player and a phono-box
- lg cx tv
- roughly 14 square meter (150 square feet) of listening space, attached picture of rooms position
- enthusiasm
- a budget of 2000 euro (2350 dollars) for now, but I might be able to extend it or just buy used/refurbished gear , that could get me some discount, but I also wouldn't mind if some money is left :D

What I need:
- Stereo speakers (maybe sub in the future)
- amplifier, network receiver/streamer (or both in one)
- ability to use my system for tv, playing FLAC from usb or hooking up with my laptop, and stream both from online services and from my laptop/pc
- long lasting equipment (where all-in one systems might fall short with streaming probably improving in future)

My personal rabbit hole:
I started with reviews. Marantz pm6007 came right to mind, especially because a local dealer can hook me up with deal of Marantz pm6007+Dali Oberon 7 speakers for 1280 euro (roughly 1500 dollars). I went to listen to the system, really liked the sound of the oberons (altho I think a sub will be needed eventually no matter what I buy for my electronical stuff). But the PM-s low(ish) output (60watt) and the lack of usb and wireless and wired internet connection took me off. The other package deal I could find in my country (hungary) was oberon 7 with Denon DRA-800h for 1400 euro (1650 dollars), which again, would tick all the boxes but I've read the dac is a bit lackluster if I wanted to upgrade I can't do it with only the lackluster parts (the same problem I have with Marantz 7000n as well, and I also don't have a deal on that one)

So my next idea was to start from scratch (with a bit more knowledge). I read a lot of good stuff about Cambridge Audio Cxa81, it also has integrated bluetooth and usb, and maybe I could buy a cheaper streaming device (like the Yamaha wxc-50) to pimp up the wireless streaming connection. Also according to the reviews I read, It seems solid enough to last for many years and serve as a part of an higher end system (if I decided to upgrade eventually). It costs a lot more than the previous speaker bundles, but I can save up and maybe find a good deal. Feel free to recommend other amplifiers and streaming devices as well.

So, the last part : speakers : I've only listened to oberon 7 and fyne audio f302, and I don't have the chance to listen to a pair of other speakers, not to mention taking them home, so I'm in for a blind purchase and that's why I need as much help as possible.
I've read that the Cambridge Cxa81 can drive a lot of speakers.
Speakers considering so far ( I would like speakers which are delivering at low volume (now I'm living in a flat), but will also deliver loud volume when needed (and I will eventually move to a house): Dali Oberon 7, Dali Oberon 5, Klipsch RP-8000F ( I have read a lot of good about these, also nice for movies)
And today I was reading about the KEF-LS50 Meta, which are supposed to be really nice, and probably sound brilliant with a subwoofer.

So yes. A good amp-speaker pairing would be nice to have. :D

Thanks to everyone reading and answering, I truly appreciate the help



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Apr 22, 2021
First off I would say to get bookshelf speakers on stands with a good subwoofer. In the end you will have an very nice setup for your money. The amp is fairly easy, get one that has all the features you want. Anything with 75 watts per channel or higher will take care of you unless you listen at very high volumes. You mentioned you are in an apartment so I figured extreme volume is out of the question. Plus you don't want to hurt your ears.
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