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Dac, headphone amp, passive preamp, headphone & studio monitor recommendation


Dec 1, 2023
Hey guys
This is my first post on this amazing forum
I listen to prog rock 60s 70s 80s metal classical jazz fusion ost.
My archive consist of vinyl rips dsd 5.6 mhz flac 24 bit /96 khz flac 24 bit /192 khz, sacd & 24 bit/ 48 khz mqa hi-res music
I enjoy neutral sound with high detail & good Soundstage & percision.
So I'm looking for a ballanced dsd capable dac and headphone amp, studio monitor headphone & active speaker to built my whole audio system. I'm lookin for studio monitor for video editing & music listening.
I am looking at topping e50 dac & smsl d-6s dac, schiit magni heretic op amp beyerdynamics dt 880 premium 250 ohm, maudio bx5 d3 5 inch or Yamaha hs5 5 inch studio monitor.
How's the smsl d-6s sounds & performs compare to topping e50? D6s has a bit better measurement compare to e50.
How does the dt 880 premium 250 sound with schiit magni heretic op amp? Can schiit magni heretic handle dt 880 premium 600 ohm as well?
Was looking for a ballanced passive preamp with volume knob to switch between studio monitor & headphone found this one on amazon

Will get an ifi ipower 5v low noise power supply for topping e50 to get the best sound out of it with darker background.

My budget is 600 bucks for dac, amp, preamp & headphone. If there are better options feel free to recommend me.

I will hook up the topping e50 dac usb input to windows pc & android smartphone. I will hook tv optical output to the dac optical input as well. So how can I hook up an old sansa clip plus mp3 player to the topping e50 dac input? Should I use 3.5 mm to usb adapter? Or should I use 3.5 mm to spdif cable?
Any help will be appreciated
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