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  1. Iridist

    Topping A70 Pro & E50 for balanced Studio Monitor and Headphone audio?

    So I'm planning on the getting Adam T7V's + T10S Sub and Arya Stealth's, and I'm leaning toward using balanced audio between both. My question is, would the A70 Pro & E50 combo work for this sufficiently as the amp, preamp and dac with balanced outs for monitors and headphones (Source > E50 >...
  2. desti

    Dedicated DAC & Preamp for Adam T7V's? Or stick to Motu M4?

    Hello, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I'm looking for a DAC and Preamp (presumably a headphone amp with a preamp) that would pair well with Adam T7Vs & T10S Sub at a desktop setup. Currently, I have a Motu M4 which acts as a DAC, Preamp, and Headphone AMP, but it's mainly for...
  3. P

    Newbie question about impedance on amplifier > speaker

    Hi. I beg you pardon if i put the topic on the wrong place. I am pretty new to the audiophile world and i am building my rig. So far: Speakers: Polk Audio RTA 8T DAC: Topping E50 Streamer: WiiM streamer Amplificator: Topping LA90D My question is: My speakers are rated 6ohm, 89 db sentisivity...
  4. amirsam

    Topping e50 vs smsl d-6s, schiit magni+ vs schiit magni heretic vs topping l30 ii beyerdynamics dt 880 premium 250 ohm

    Hey guys Help me to choose the best dsd capable dac, an amp that sounds great with dt 880 250 ohm. I can't choose the best dac between these two Topping e50 vs smsl d-6s. Help me to choose the best amp between these schiit magni+ vs schiit magni heretic vs topping l30 ii for beyerdynamics dt 880...
  5. amirsam

    Dac, headphone amp, passive preamp, headphone & studio monitor recommendation

    Hey guys This is my first post on this amazing forum I listen to prog rock 60s 70s 80s metal classical jazz fusion ost. My archive consist of vinyl rips dsd 5.6 mhz flac 24 bit /96 khz flac 24 bit /192 khz, sacd & 24 bit/ 48 khz mqa hi-res music I enjoy neutral sound with high detail & good...
  6. T

    Topping E50 / L50 Impressions

    Hi all, I upgraded from a Schiit Modi / Magni 3+ stack to a Topping E50 / L50 stack last weekend and the improvement has been stellar. My DT 1990s picked up resolution in bass that I hadn't experienced before and the mids on my HD 660s are simply extravagant. I listen to mostly R&B and rock and...
  7. JaccoW

    Studio monitors for a living room setup?

    So I'm currently rebuilding my audio setup from scratch again and as a stop-gap solution I moved my computer monitor speakers down to the living room. As it is I'm using a pair of Presonus Eris 3.5 studio monitors in combination with a Topping E50 Dac. This sounds great but they are slightly...
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