1. M

    HDMI DSD to DoP conversion boxes - any reviews?

    Hi all, Wondering if there are any reviews on those ~$100 digital-to-digital converters that will strip out the DSD stream from an HDMI signal and make it into a DoP signal a DAC can use to convert DSD to analog. Specifically interested in 2-ch but any reviews would be interesting. Thx.
  2. Jim Shaw


  3. Doggie

    Topping D10s strange and scary DSD static onset issue

    Hello all, proud owner of a new Topping L30 + D10s stack. Many thanks to everyone on this forum who test these units and helped me make an informed decision. I've been having a very concerning problem with my D10s that has seemingly just started related to DSD playback. On any DSD sample rate...
  4. Soria Moria

    How does DSD to PCM conversion work?

    Hi, newbie here. I've seen a lot of PCM music that has been converted from DSD64, and what they seem to almost always have in common is that the PCM converted version is 24-bit 88.2 KHz sample rate. From what I know of DSD and specifically DSD64, is that it's 1-bit at a 2.8224 MHz sample rate...
  5. S

    Oversampling and reconstruction filter

    Hi guys. New member here so please let me know if I am doing things wrong. I just created a facebook post, but I think most people in the group I posted in are not too familiar with the subject, so I decided to post it here as well: Had some findings this morning and thought I'd share. I've...
  6. A

    MoFi claimed its expensive reissues were purely analog reproductions. It had been deceiving its customer base for years.

    MoFi records controversy. Well, well, well, it looks like there is a bug in the analog chain. https://www.washingtonpost.com/music/2022/08/05/mofi-records-analog-digital-scandal/ Conclusion: "...the anti-digital crowd has been lying to itself. “These people who claim they have golden ears...
  7. D

    Topping D90SE Noise When Playing DSD Files

    Hello All, When playing DSD files on the D90SE, when a song finishes and another starts, a relatively low-level but still audible static/noise sound starts playing constantly, whether music is playing or not, whether PCM or DSD files. This static continues until I turn the D90SE off and on...
  8. Saidera

    Sony’s DSD Remastering compared to foobar2000’s DSD Processor

    Perhaps it has been asked before in one of my DSD threads. But the essence of the question is this: when converting PCM to DSD or DSD to PCM ‘on the fly’ or for real-time playback, does a more CPU intensive process create a more accurate file and does that extra accuracy result in any audible or...
  9. S

    Playing DSD files

    Hello, I have Matrix Element X and it does not play DSD files without rather loud and mostly annoying clicks in between the titles. In Asset UPnP there is an option to play DSF files as WAV, which means it is transcoding from DSD into PCM format. I have been noticing the quality of sound is...
  10. bidn

    equivalent PCM rates for converting DSD files?

    Dear all, I have some big, space-wasting DSD files which I want to convert to PCM (and then erase), they have various rates: mostly DSD64, but also some with DSD128 or DSD256. Even if anything beyond Red Book cannot be heard, I would prefer to minimize resolution loss. I can't find answers on...
  11. G

    I2S via HDMI pinout wiring.

    Hi Everyone, Need some help here. First some bullet points on the background of the situation: SACD players are intentionally designed to not send DSD signals via the digital output for copyright purposes. However, some SACD players can send the DSD signal via video HDMI, not to be confused...
  12. Saidera

    Onebitious too ambitious? and the mighty PCM-D100 one bit ambitious

    It was produced from 2015 to 2018. Released exclusively on mora. https://mora.jp/special/onebitious-records During those 4 years, around 30 odd concerts in Japan were recorded via PCM-D100, some with binaural mics and other mics, some with 4 channel, others probably just with its internal mics...
  13. Saidera

    Consolidation of information on DSD playback pathways

    Perhaps DSD playback as an audiophile practice should be made more transparent, because DSD remains with us and most DACs will support it, even very affordable phone adaptors. What exactly can be achieved by outputting DSD to the DAC, and what will the DAC do to the DSD. Many people using...
  14. Saidera

    Evaluation of SBM Direct downconversion from DSD64 via 64 bit FIR filter 32k taps

    My primary interest is in DSP like SBM Direct because DSD to me is overkill. If the ‘best sounding’ PCM CD is made from DSD via SBM Direct, like Sony HK liked to assert, then I want to test that claim properly. So how'd one go about doing that? Like this perhaps...
  15. Saidera

    Why isn’t Mr Ayataka Nishio credited with creating DSD audio?

    Why isn’t Mr Ayataka Nishio credited with creating DSD audio? Who is credited with creating the CD? Who created PCM? Why does Sony have the rights for the term DSD? Can we call it 1 bit audio? I only really got interested in the engineering and science aspect of sound due to the work of Mr...
  16. Saidera

    Remaining Considerations on DSD

    DSD proponents tend to only see aspects of the theoretical benefits and infer the superiority of the format. And subjectively, at least if you record to DSD using well designed hardware and play it back, it is apparently quite good but who has that hardware! A full comparison of DSD and PCM is...
  17. S

    SOUND LIAISON, PCM DXD DSD free compare formats sampler. A new 2.0 version.

    The reason for a 2.0 version of the free compare formats sampler: We have been made aware by the good folks here at Audio Science Review that our Test your DAC! Free Format Comparison sampler contained some strange artifacts. Founder/Admin Amirm has taken the trouble to analyze our free...
  18. Saidera

    A Thread Dedicated to Cirrus Logic CS43131

    The USB-C Dongle Market Apparently CS43130 was a Wolfson chip. It was Hidizs / Tempotec / Meizu that first drew my attention to CS43131. Later in 2020 products with dual CS43131 such as iBasso DC03 began appearing. We’ve had these pages...
  19. MetalDaze

    SMSL M300 MkII DSD Noise

    Hello everyone. New member but I have been reading the reviews and forums here for a while. I created this account to post my experience and welcome input since I've tried all I can think of. I have also emailed SMSL 3+ days ago and am still waiting for a response - let alone an acknowledgment...
  20. Saidera

    The sound quality of DSD?

    Multiple threads here deal with DSD, but I'm yet to see a bit more depth concentrated in one place. DSD For Beginners is boring and tells very little. Based on listening to the sound quality of DSD native from Cirrus Logic chips like that in Sonata HD Pro I find: • S/N ratio of DSD at high...
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