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Comparison of Streamers in our Audio Showroom


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Mar 6, 2024
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In April, we are planning an additional two weeks of listening sessions and comparisons - this time the best streamers/music servers up to PLN 15,000. zloty.

For now, we will appear on 2 devices: Eversolo DMP-A8 and Melco N50-H60 , but we want to expand to 2 other devices.

What other devices are worth including in this comparison?

Two basic devices for audio communication, already high-end and available at a price (range PLN 9-15 thousand) and to be a streamer at the same time (support for Tidal services, etc., external sources such as a NAS server) and a music computer server (internal hard disk or the possibility of installing it, the function of ripping a CD to this disk).
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Please include the WiiM Pro Plus, and I beg you, please do the comparison level matched with a multimeter and blind (listeners don't know which streamer is playing).

Only then will such a comparison return worthwhile results.

If listeners know which streamer is playing, then they will always rate the streamer best, that they want to do best.

Similarly, if the streamers aren't level-matched, then the one that plays louder, will always sound best.

It's only by removing these two variables, that listeners can truly compare the sound, free of cognitive bias.

Ideally, use a switch box like the MC103 Pro to switch between different streamers with minimal dead time.

If you need to unplug and replug cables manually, leading to 5+ seconds of no audio playback, then again, the comparison loses value.
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