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Cerwin Vega HED 39P speaker info


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Nov 30, 2021
I recently picked up a pair of Cerwin Vega HED 39P speakers that I am refurbishing. One woofer had a reform with grey foam and the other has the original orange that needs to be redone. I am refoaming both with the original orange surrounds. They are 12" 3-ways and all drivers are working and they sound good on preliminary listening, but i am waiting to get the re-foam done before serious listening.

I have not been able to find any info online on this model so far and have contacted CV customer service and they had no info either.

My first "serious" system back in 1976 was a Yamaha CR820 with Cerwin Vega R12 speakers. A great system, that sounded great loud, got me through college. Still have the Yamaha receiver and it still works pretty well. Have had to clean the knobs a few times but it sounds smooth and clean otherwise. I gave the speakers to my sister when I upgraded after college and she used them a few years and then junked them, I will never forgive her!

Anyone have any history on these 39P's? They look like U123's with a different, round bezel, tweeter. Any help would be appreciated!
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