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Bought Wharfedale 220 but too big for wall mount, Inwall maybe?


Jan 11, 2022
I have to say this is just a huge letdown. Im afraid the Wharfedale's just stick out too far into the room. Right one is right next to a hallway leading into my living room.
So I can cut holes in the wall and make a space for them, or get inwall speakers. I have about 3 1/2 inches in the wall. I would like to get that same Wharfedale sound, but in a wall speaker.
I am using a sub.
How though do I toe in the speakers If there inwall ?
They will be about 6 feet high, so they will have to be toed slightly down and slightly inward. Or does any of that matter?
My old Paradigm speakers weren't as deep. I thought the Wharfedale's would fit, but with the wall mount stands they just stick out too far.
Any suggestions for inwall speakers with the same sound as Wharfedale ?
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