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Apr 24, 2022
Hello, recently acquired MOTU M2, here is the noise floor measurement along with the settings, using ASIO drivers:

Looks nice. Lets switch to Java drivers

Device is the same, computer is the same, everything identical except drivers and it does this.
Tried messing around with buffer size and sample rate, same thing.
Tried moving cables around because i thought it might be coupling mains, but i havent moved cables from asio setup and it is not even 50hz, but 46hz.
Also, it does the identical thing with scarlett 2i2, so its probably not the audio interface either.

Yet i find no information elsewhere on the internet, leading me to pose this question about the bizzare behaviour of the driver. Anyone know what is going on?
I am at a loss here.. and i cant use asio because it forces output device to also have to be motu, making dac measurements impossible.
Thank you.
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