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Best studio monitors for $500 a pair?

Sep 11, 2021
Hey everyone!

Some time ago I created a thread asking for the best monitors for $300 a pair, and the finalists were the Adam T5Vs and the Kali LP-6s.

Well, now I wanted to actually buy them but I've thought that if I'm going to keep them for a long time maybe it is wise to spend a little more. So I went for $500 a pair. Also, my room is 3,82 x 2,71 x 2,53 meters (lenght, width, height), so I thought that maybe more than 5" would be overkill for my room (too much unhandled bass, you know).

So I decided to buy the Focal Alpha 50 Evos, whose sound I like quite a lot. The motto of this line, "Reveal everything", is very well suited, as I could hear things and details in songs with a superb clarity until now unknown for me. They excel at left-right imaging as well as a quite pleasing frequency response, IMO. Not so much deph tough, but it is still good.

Do you think I made a good choice? Do you have other alternatives for $500? I will be composing, producing, mixing and mastering with them. Also, although it may be obvious, nearfield listening.

Looking forward to your opinion!
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