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audiophile wannabe / newb (where should I post this?) kn3000 Hi compliance, electrostatic speakers found

May 2, 2023
Hello all! ( Please tell me where to post this)

I am Posting regarding some kn3000 hi compliance, electrostatic speakers I bought and also saying Helllloooooooo!!!

I grew up in Florida (Alachua county) with a pair of custom made cabinets in my living room that my father crafted him self. They housed a 15” speaker in each, were ported and had multi range horns. They were giant cabinets; our neighbors 2 acres away hated the bass. I played in bands and fell in love w/ well produced techno/electronic music (being played on a bass heavy sound system)… it was my fathers records/sound system that got me started.

I took the time to search but couldn’t find anything on here or the internet about these speakers I bought so that’s mainly why I’m posting… . It’s worth mentioning according to Apple my “iphone is hacked”… and I’ve noticed my search results are very limited.

I recently bought these Knight KN3000 speakers/cabinets and I’m trying to get a conversation going with some people who actually know their stuff (I do not).

I want to know what’s thought about these speakers / cabinets, perhaps compared to popular Knights seen on eBay? (I’m seeing the kn3002’s with 1 15”) & kn800’s but don’t know how these compare..

were these actually used professionally as professional studio monitors or is that an an advertising point?

What standard refurbishing should I do or have done?

I’m refurbishing a pioneer sx-990 Which pushes about 28 watts per channel at eight ohms (I think) so the amp I have perhaps matches well with them?

Thanks all!!


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Do they still work?

1100 volts inside if they do.

Be careful!

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