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audiolab 6000A and Quad S2, good match?

Feb 23, 2021
Hi everyone. I have recently purchased a pair of Quad S2 speakers which i love and i currently play them through a NAD C320BEE. I do not have a lot of experience with different amps but i have heard and seen a lot of praise for the audiolab 6000A integrated amp and it is very well within my reach ( at £600 here in the UK). My question to you old hands in audio is whether they'd make a good match and if not what would make a better match.

The Quads are quite revealing and can be possibly described as a tad bright ( i wouldn't personally ), and from my several months experience with them and the NAD i find that at normal listening volume they don't bother my ears at all but when i crank up the volume ( say 12 o'clock on the NAD) they can be a little bit fatiguing especially if the recording is poor. My gut feeling is telling me this may not be actually due to the speakers but most likely to the amp. Is the NAD sound (R) a real thing? And is audiolab sound so much different?

So please go ahead and if you can make suggestions of other amps i could have a look at (within £600-700ish) then i'm fully open to these recommendations. I should say i prefer soundstage and composure of sound (maybe id describe that as instrument separation on more complicated music). I guess a bit of bass control wouldn't hurt. I do realize that compromises are to be made at sub £1000 price mark.

Thanks in advance!
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