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Acoustic optimization for my living-room mountain range


Dec 15, 2021
Hi folks,

I am trying to treat my living-room to optimize what's worth optimizing for home theater and music listening in my living-room.
I am using a pair of Genelc 8330 and a 7350 tuned using GLM.

My room is 7.5 x 5.5 m (i think) and my listening position is in a corner; speakers on the long side 0.5m from a side wall, ~10cm away from the back wall, 1.5m appart; listening position is ~2.3m away from speakers. Across the speakers i have a wall with lots of glass and i use blackout courtains (they are not heavy; not designed for acoustic treatments).

These are the latest measurements after adding some side panels for the first reflections of the side wall (since i have the listening position in half of the room, the other side wall is much further away).

I have some cavities around the listening position, due to furniture, that i've tried to fill out with various household items (magazine and stuff).

What are my options?


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