1. ErVikingo

    (Help) Audible noise on Topping D90SE

    I added balanced outs from my D90 to my preamp. Now when I change tracks and the DAC is changing sampling rates (you see the new sample rate on the display) it makes a crackling noise. This only happens with the XLR, when I switch to RCA I don’t experience the noise. The DAC is making the...
  2. AnalogSteph

    Poking around inside a Swissonic UA-2x2

    Can a 2x2, 24/96 capable (UAC1) audio interface for a mere 65€ from Thomann's house brand be any good? Well, I just happened to need something to take care of an XLR condenser mic so I could finally liberate the Audient EVO 4 from my office PC and use it for portable measurements again, and I...
  3. V

    "swish" sound with Hidizs S9 on Android

    Hi there, I have a Hidizs S9 that I bought ages ago for use with my phone, but I haven't used it much because I've never really managed to get it working right. It has a lot of hiss at low volumes when not using exclusive audio mode apps. It's a kind of swish noise that fades up as the track...
  4. T

    USB noise - USB isolator or new audio interface?

    Hi, I have got a hiss noise issue coming from the speakers with my current setup that I use for music production (recording guitar and voice), music listening and calls. I think it is due to a USB power leakage but I would like confirmation from experts :) Attached file is a recording of the...
  5. ENDzZ

    Seek for KRK Monitor Self-Generated Noise Help and Subwoofer Recommendation

    Have met two problems with my home studio monitors, hope somebody can help me out, thanks: 1. The self-generated noise level of my pair of KRK ROKIT 8 G4 is really high. It was so loud that I could hear the noise from the whole room, and couldn't sleep. Have Anyone met the same problem with me...
  6. C

    New inverter feeds back worse

    I live off grid and recently changed my pure sign wave inverter, now I have three times the feedback noise in my system. The noise comes through both 12v, and 115v, power supplied. I had a cheep feedback eliminator that took care of 90% of the noise before. Now is much louder and the feedback...
  7. T

    Loxjie A30 noise

    Hello guys! I have a question about my new Loxjie A30 amplifier. I noticed that when I adjust the volume while music is playing, I hear a noise. When I increase or decrease the volume by one notch, the speakers make a "sizzling" sound. Is this Normal?
  8. S

    Electric humming noise in speakers, probably from 2xRCA to 3.5mm jack cable | Any advice?

    Hi, I have an unorthodox setup. I have my computer connected over HDMI ARC to the NAD T748 receiver. Using the receivers RCA pre-outs I connect it with 3m 2xRCA to 3.5mm jack cables to two pairs of KEF LSX speakers for 4.1 surround (Awaiting one LS50 anniversary for center channel). I have...
  9. PaperBoat

    PCM and DSD

    PCM to DSD = better sound quality?
  10. X

    Marantz Cinema 50 - Noise from -7db / 75 Scale

    Hi I just got a Marantz Cinema 50, feels like a nice unit. I’m a bit concerned though, I’m hearing noise from -7db (75 on scale mode). It doesn’t feel right to start hearing noise at this level from a « premium » product. Totaly audible at max level. I thought such a unit would be dead silent...
  11. J

    Whole house acoustic treatment

    Folks, I need some help treating my house. My spouse and I both work at home, and I can hear him from the 1st floor when he's in his office on the 3rd. Any suggestion on how I can treat the walls by the stairwell?
  12. T

    Cyrus 7’s strange noise

    Dear all, I have a Cyrus 7 with this problem: when I turn it to standby mode there is a ‘pop’ noise on speakers at quite high volume. When I switch between channels there is also similar noise but at much lower volume. And when the source is off (in my case TV) there is some time similar noise...
  13. Huang Jerry

    Weird problem with my KH O110 studio monitor.

    Brief overview: Klein + Hummel O110, around 15 years old, making noises as seen in the video below. Quite temperamental tweeter electricity noise, started around 3 months ago, 60% of the time it works perfectly fine, it is unusable when this happens. The noise still happens when XLR cable is...
  14. N

    Very bad noise at 24 and 32 bit

    Hello, I recently bought a new DAC (Topping D90SE) but I'm having a hard time making it work properly at 24 or 32 bit via the Windows Sounds settings, it sounds super noisy at any kHz (from 44.1kHz to 384kHz) and also buying a Ground Loop Isolator (Topping HS01) didn't resolve the problem...
  15. J

    What is so tricky with SMPS in audio?

    It took a long time to shift from linear power supply to SMPS in high end audio producs. Nowadays, SMPS seem to have completely replace linear ones except in some niche areas. I've often heard the advice to beginners to not touch SMPS and stick to linear supply for DIY projects, because...
  16. R

    Identify and fix crackling sound from pc to receiver

    I have an AV setup with a Denon X3700H AVR connected to a TV and an Nvidia Shield which works without issues. The moment I connect my desktop PC to the AVR through HDMI, a crackling sound starts coming through my speakers. This sound comes out regardless of the selected input or volume level on...
  17. P

    Issue with noise from cayin IHA6 headphone amp

    Hello guys, so today my cayin iha6 started to output static noise on the left channel of the 4pin balanced output. There is 0 audible noise on the unbalanced output. I am 99% sure the issue comes from the amp. I have tested on another power outlet without anything but the headphone connected...
  18. Arion

    Edifier S730 - Ringing sound issue

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. :) I am having an rining/humming/noise issue with my Edifier s730 subwoofer. I have attached an audio file with the noise I hear (recorded it with a cheap shotgun mic and newbie cleaned it up in audacity to hear it better) and some pictures of the...
  19. D

    Topping D90SE Noise When Playing DSD Files

    Hello All, When playing DSD files on the D90SE, when a song finishes and another starts, a relatively low-level but still audible static/noise sound starts playing constantly, whether music is playing or not, whether PCM or DSD files. This static continues until I turn the D90SE off and on...
  20. Blumlein 88

    Amazon starts drone delivery of packages. What could go wrong????? I wonder if it helps to put a net up in the yard to snag the package or would it snag the drone instead? Will these fly under my porch so the package is not left out in the...
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