1. F

    NAD C700 streaming / network issues

    I really could do with some help here. I have the NAD C700 for over a year and it was running fine it seems until I renewed my broadband contract with Vodafone (in Ireland) late last year. It's high-speed broadband and the NAD is connected by ethernet cable. In the last four months the...
  2. D

    Purpose of variable input on some power amplifiers.

    I have a WIIM pro plus and was considering connecting it directly to an NAD C268 power amplifier. For safety reasons, I'd use the "variable input" on the back of the amplifier to set a "max" level in case the WIIM volume control goes haywire. Is this a viable solution? I know I can buy a preamp...
  3. M

    Amplifier decision time for Triangle Borea 08

    Hi everyone, Greetings from Berlin. I am a complete newbie and I am in the process of building my first HiFi system. I recently got a great deal on Triangle Borea 08 during the Black Friday and bought them. Though I have never heard them, from the reviews, they come across as dynamic and...
  4. J

    Best option for streaming lossless?

    Going through all the forums and trying to make an educated decision on what would provide the highest quality sound when streaming Tidal HiFi+ into a pair of B&W AM1s. Will I be better off pairing a streamer (WiiM Pro+ / EverSolo DMP-A6) with an amp (e.g. Marantz 6007) or a NAD 368/389...
  5. SimonS

    Looking for future Stereo Amplifier and Streamer for my B&W 804s (8 Ohm) & Turntable Thorens TD2001

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, so have mercy with me and please forgive any unqualified or imprecise statements. After trying a NAD C399 on my fairly old HIFI system with a pair of B&W 804S (CD-player (Technics PG5), turntable Thorens TD2001) I was quite impressed by Class D performance. However, I...
  6. H

    Opinions on putting together a used high end 3.1 speaker system w/ amp and receiver

    Hi everyone, I've been researching high end speakers and amps for a couple weeks now, and honestly it's overwhelming. I'm not super technical so reading reviews and trying to understand the charts just confuses me. I've gone to a couple shops to demo speakers and amps in person but they've...
  7. dougi

    NAD C3050 meters and levels

    After finally getting my NADC3050LE delivered, there were a couple of things I wanted to understand in relation to the analog input and preamp outputs, as I need to use both: run a separate phono preamp into the line in and drive a separate amp from the preout. Consequently I wanted to verify...
  8. C

    Frankly, it's hell to choose an AVR

    Currently I have a Yamaha RX-A2060 for home theater and a Primare stereo amp for music. Due to lack of space, I would like to replace both of them with a new Home Theater AVR. It's really hard to make the right choice. When I go to listen to an AVR, it is each time in different conditions (room...
  9. P

    NAD C268 Bridge at 4ohm?

    In the specs is says the NAD C268 will do 300w at 8ohms in bridge mode. Have have some Kef 105/3 speakers that are 4ohm can the C268 do 4ohm in bridge, if so will it handle it? Sorry wrong thread opened wrong page in browser. Will repost in correct thread.
  10. roog

    Room Correction, Dirac and devices that can implement it?

    I have been contemplating trying room acoustics correction in my system for quite some time and wondered what would be the 'best way' for me to add it to my quite generic system? Dirac seems to be quite prevalent in their field, perhaps because of their marketing in the field of domestic HiFi...
  11. P

    NAD PP2 Phono Preamplifier Measurement/Review

    These are some measurements I have taken with the NAD PP2 Phono Preamplifier. I have bought it 11-12 years back. It is still being sold online for 70€-150€. I cannot remember how much I have paid. I was never really happy with the sound of it, so I felt the urge to see how it measures. The...
  12. J

    Best way to integrate Dirac without compromises?

    Hi everyone! First of all I have to say this community was already very helpful, thank you everyone! So I am in the process of building myself a 2.0 or 2.1 system for Tidal streaming. For amplification I would like to go with the NAD M22 but I have difficulties finding a proper streamer/DAC...
  13. U

    SOLD: Denon AVR-X3700H AV Receiver; 9.2ch 8K AVR with 3D Audio & HEOS

    I have an immaculate condition Denon x3700 receiver for sale for $995. I bought based on all the fantastic reviews it received on websites like audiosciencereview and others. The reviews said it had low distortion and was very clear. I 100% agree. It is two years old. I babied it as it was the...
  14. danielmiessler

    Optimizing a Genelec / NAD / DIRAC / JTR Setup

    Writing to celebrate a near-endgame setup (at least for me), and to ask for help with optimization. Setup: 3 x Genelec 8351B Left, Center, Right 2 x Genelec W371A Lef and Right Woofer Towers 2 x Genelec 7360A Left and Right Subs (10") 1 x JTR RS1 Center Sub (18") 2 x Genelec 8341A Surrounds 2...
  15. I

    SOLD!!!: NAD C 316BEE Integrated Amp:SOLD!!!

    In excellent physical and working condition. Considered the best hifi amp for an entry price. v2 retails for $479. Sounded great with different speakers I tried with. Slim form factor. Price is $220 local cash pickup (zip code: 08540). I prefer local cash pickup and I am willing to travel...
  16. slurp

    FS: NAD C658 [US]

    Original owner, purchased 5/21. In perfect working order and still under warranty. Asking $1,500 and shipping is free within the lower 48.
  17. Matias

    NAD C 399 HybridDigital DAC Amplifier

    Streaming integrated amplifier with ESS ES9028Q2M and Hypex nCore NC252MP. Flagship Classic Series integrated amplifier featuring Masters Series grade HybridDigital nCore amplification, ESS Sabre DAC and MDC2...
  18. U


    Hi! A diy project to upgrade the NAD MDC BluOS module was recently completed. The upgrade was to integrate the DSP into the sound received from the BluOS module. The project was successfully completed, and now I can safely share with you the result. The BluOS module now has an ADAU1467 DSP...
  19. Astrozombie

    FS - NAD HP50 Viso SOLD!

    Would like to get close to $100 for them If I can. Paypal. Approximately 3 or 4 years old. Aftermarket pads and cable.
  20. Vict0r

    New near-field speaker setup for a home office? Pictures!

    Hey everyone! I bought a house a while ago and had two extra rooms to go absolutely audio ham in. One of them I already transformed into a cinema, with 2 floor to ceiling corner bass traps, acoustic panels (3 on each side) and diffusers (3 skyline diffusers behind the listening position), a 65"...
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