1. P

    Topping EX5?

    I really want to get this DAC/Amp, but I'm afraid I may end up punting it across the room from that MQA logo staring at me all day. Does this device force all my digital music files through the MQA signal chain?
  2. M

    Help! - SMSL Su-8s only playing MQA files on tidal @44.1khz

    Hi guys, I've just got the SMSL Su-8s and I'm struggling to get MQA playback on Tidal working properly as it seems to only want to play 44.1khz I have downloaded the drivers from Shenzen audio "" and installed them but when playing a Master track on...
  3. TurbulentCalm

    Seriously, Another MQA Thread Killed by the Mods!

    Seriously guys what harm is there discussing the various issues with the MQA protocol? Are we breaking the forums rules? After all this isn’t the very stuff that Audio Science Review should be encouraging, I would think. Maybe the members of this forum should be allowed to comment on this...
  4. dkinric

    MQA - "I'm not quite dead yet..."

    I got an email from Radio Paradise today noting their 21st birthday. In the note I found this nugget: For you audiophiles: We’ve always prided ourselves on providing the highest quality audio of any radio station anywhere in the world. We are now pleased to offer another audio upgrade. Owners...
  5. S

    Good MQA capable DAC under $300 (preferable at/under $200)?

    Hi, I've been looking for a dual-purpose DAC/amp/preamp for my systems. One of them being an IEM, a Campfire Audio IO; and a stereo system: A sony str-dh190 connected to a pair of Fyne Audio F302's Right now, I'm just using the 3.5mm port of my phone and laptop, occasionally using Bluetooth (on...
  6. GoldenOne

    MQA Deep Dive - I published music on tidal to test MQA

    EDIT: UPDATED with most current information. Introduction MQA is a proprietary music compression solution that uses the FLAC container. It requires a license fee for manufacturers to implement it, and due to the lack of transparency from MQA, there has been relatively little conclusive...
  7. P

    DAC with MQA, balanced outputs and headphone amp

    I am trying to find a DAC to suit my needs. I was about to purchase the DacMagic 200M for my birthday until I saw it had A LOT of problems. I want a DAC that has: - MQA decoding - balanced XLR outputs (for powered speakers - Adam T7Vs) - headphone amp (for my Sony MDR-7506) - 32bit/768kHz PCM...
  8. GoldenOne

    Testing MQA: Is it worse than FLAC?

    EDIT: UPDATED with most current information. Introduction MQA is a proprietary music compression solution that uses the FLAC container. It requires a license fee for manufacturers to implement it, and due to the lack of transparency from MQA, there has been relatively little conclusive...
  9. M

    Another MQA thread ;)

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum as a member, but have read threads in this forum many times before with great interest! I can see, that the guys here are WAY above my level, so I hope you will forgive me for sounding like the amateur, I am :) My question below is about MQA quality. If you...
  10. ThatM1key

    Loudness war has invaded the audiophile streaming services.

    While I was listening to music on tidal I noticed this one track sounded louder than usually. The track was "every rose has its thorn" by poison. I directly downloaded the songs from Qobuz and Tidal to compare. I will be using the DR Tool with Foobar2000. Yes I do own this specific song...
  11. R

    MQA, where is decoding done, what is required?

    I am not quite clear at which point MQA is decoded and what is required for this. Does the decoding take place in the DAC chip or is an additional circuit or chip required? I don't want to spark a discussion about MQA here, enough has already been said in the forum. I'm only interested in the...
  12. B

    DAC with display, remote, BT, opt/coax input and warmest sound

    It must have: - Display - Remote control - BT 5.0 receiver or higher, with aptX HD and LDAC support - Optical/coaxial input (for a Compact Disc player), besides USB input for full performance - Warmest sound possible (simulating tube amp sound if possible) - Is Full MQA decoding desirable? (I...
  13. mssngpeces

    TIDAL HI-FI + ROON: some albums only offer an MQA version?

    Hello, I recently installed Roon on my computer and found out that some albums I've been playing are not being played in FLAC, but seems to be a downsampled version of the MQA version (see picture). I'm confused since I selected HiFi in streaming quality (and not master, as I've read it is...
  14. M

    DAP for the desktop

    I have a Tidal subscription, some content in wacky fomats like dsd, etc. I used to use apps like Audirvana and Tidal on Mac/PC. Now I'm mostly on linux all the time, it's just easier for work, and I work all the time. Problems with this situation include: 1) no MQA in Tidal web (I'm familiar...
  15. S

    Recommend some of your favorite MQA tracks / albums on Tidal

    Looking for suggestions of MQA done right. Any tracks / albums you would recommend checking out? A few that have stood out to me in the short time that I've owned a proper MQA DAC are Fleetwood Mac's Tusk and Marcus Miller's Laid Back.
  16. U

    Is Tidal HiFi Worth It and What Sort Of DAC Should You Use?

    I am trying to figure out what DAC I need and if I should continue to use Tidal HiFi. Tidal Premium sounds great to me. I know Tidal HiFi has two additional higher sound quality options over Premium. There is MQA which requires a specific decoder, but then there is HiFi. Does HiFi require a...
  17. amirm

    Inside Your High-Res Music: 2L high resolution samples

    Per request, I did an analysis of the free music tracks which the Nordic label 2L kindly distributes for free: It is a great service and I hope you all reward them by at least buying an album from them. For this test, I just grabbed the first track that was there: I...
  18. amirm

    Roon support of MQA

    Wanted to try out MQA on Tidal only to realize that Roon does not yet support decoding it (for non-MQA DACs). Went looking and looks like it is on their priority list according to their CTO: "In terms of new features...
  19. amirm


    MQA had a suite that was open half hour early so I went there before the show opened. To my surprise their demo equipment was not Meridian but MSB with YG speakers! I got there before a group of press joined. Of course I already had the best seat in the house. Hehe. :D My professional...
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