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Direct streaming Tidal MQA via main stream streamer


New Member
Feb 15, 2022
Hi I'm a newbie to the DACs and streamers. I've subscribed to Tidal Hi-fi plus and would like to stream (not to download) those MQA Hi-Res music to my home gear for listening.

After checking for many products that are affordable to me, the followings that can fully decode MQA and have streaming capabilities:
  • SMSL DP5
  • Topping D70S
  • Matrix Audio Mini-I Pro 3
So for the above, are they can directly 'plug & play': plug a network cable and then stream Tidal MQA and decode and output via RCA? Since reading the spec or posts from SMSL & Topping, it only supports stream and decode MQA via USB? For MA, it requires Roon which I don't know why...

In that case, for all above products, is that I must have a computer to open the Tidal app natively and then feed that MQA stream via USB to those products? Are there any other means? Please advise.

Thank you so much.


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Oct 25, 2019
3 points:

1. Life becomes far less complex if you dont bother about MQA, save $10 a month and go for "normal" Tidal Hifi.
2. I dont know about the other 2 but the D70S aint a streamer- no network connections
3, If you do end up going PC to DAC and keep with MQA, the Tidal app can do the first MQA unfold (to 88/96 khz) and send to ANY DAC. forget the second unfold.
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