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  1. aaronsarkissian

    Help me with my first setup

    Hi, I'm new to the Hi-Fi and audiophile world and want to setup a new home system. My room size is about 25 Sqm (270 sqft). I don't have room for a Surround system so I decided to go for a decent stereo setup and maybe add subwoofer later if needed. So here are the products I chose: Speakers...
  2. F

    Subwoofer integration with integrated amplifier (no DSP)

    Hello all, Newbie here... I would like to add a subwoofer to my stereo system to have a bit more punch when listening to movies. My question is concerning subwoofer integration with my integrated amplifier. I was thinking to try a subwoofer "the easy way" without buying a miniDSP flex +...
  3. dominikz

    Arylic A50+ streaming amplifier measurements

    Let me share a few basic measurements of the Arylic A50+ streaming amplifier. The amp is based on the TPA3116 chip and I bought mine together with the ACPWorkbench Tuning Tool app for $152.32 total (shipped to EU) during the holiday sale. A few pictures of the amp: The included laptop-style...
  4. printerlights

    Is the SMSL AO200 a true "Digital Amplifier"? (or do the analog inputs bypass its built in dac?)

    I'm wondering if the analog inputs on the AO200 bypass its built in dac? All of the marketing material for the AO200 calls the unit a "Digital Amplifier," but that would imply that every signal going through the amp is converted to digital before amplification, is there a way to test if the...
  5. A

    Best value advice: DAC + amplifier or Integrated amplifier (RME ADI-2 DAC FS + Neurochrome modulus 286) Vs Rotel RA-1592MKII

    Hi guys, As the title indicates, I am wondering what is the best deal for me. I can buy the RME ADI-2 DAC FS + Neurochrome modulus 286 for about $4200 (CA) or I can buy the Rotel RA-1592MKII for about $3K. I have no idea how the RME DAC + Neurochrome amplifier will sound but I have listened to...
  6. kanjerkoe

    Primare I15 MM - any owners ?

    Does anyone here on ASR own or have listened to a system connected with the Primare I15 MM? I have been eyeing this amplifier because it uses the Class D power and it looks and ticks some of my boxes. I was wondering if anyone can tell their own experience with this product and if they would...
  7. dominikz

    Sabaj A1 2022 stereo integrated amplifier measurements

    Let me share a few basic measurements of the Sabaj A1 (new 2022 version) stereo integrated amplifier. The amp is based on the popular Infineon MA12070 chip and I bought mine for $68.99 (total, shipped to EU). A few pictures of the amp: As you can see the power brick (Sabaj branded, 24V /...
  8. K

    Why expensive integrated amplifiers better than Topping...?

    So... as you know Topping la90 came out and in my brain born new question why expensive amplifiers are expensive? For what people are paying so much???Why should I buy mark levinson digital amp for 200000 czk instead of topping combo for about 30000 czk?
  9. S

    Your help in choosing an integrated amplifier with a budget of around $1500

    Hello friends, I have a pair of B&W DM603 speakers from the first edition, from 1998 that I personally really like their very unique sound. When I bought them they were plugged into a Yamaha RX-V2090 receiver and sounded great together. At the same time I liked the combination of the speakers...
  10. openbaffle3278

    Mivera Audio Puremusic Mk I (iPhone) Purifi 1ET400

    Selling my Mivera Audio PureMusic Mk I. This is the iPhone version that works with Roon. Is based on the well-loved Purifi 1ET400 amp modules that have been measured in various forms on this forum. iPhone stays charged and has been a rock-solid transport with Roon for my main system. I do room...
  11. M

    Starting out - KEF R3 or Integrated Amps?

    Hello All, First of all thank you for Amir and rest of the ASR crew and contributors on here. I have found this forum to be extremely useful as I begin the journey. Bit of a dilemma and I wanted to seek some feedback from you. Current Setup: Sonos Arc and my usage is about 60:40 on music to...
  12. H

    Hattor Audio

    Does anyone know of the whereabouts and situation with Hattor Audio? I have been trying to get a response from Arek regarding a volume pot issue with my Ncore 250W Integrated Amp, but have had no response for weeks. Thanks.
  13. orchardaudio

    FS: Preowned Orchard Audio Gear

    I have the following pre-owned items available: 1 x Starkrimson Integrated – $1749 + shipping 1 x Pair of Starkrimson Monos (5k input impedance) – $999 + shipping 1 x PecanPi USB (Rev 1, no volume knob) – $333 + shipping All items come with a standard 1-year warranty.
  14. R

    Rotel component identification question

    Hi all, I have a Rotel RA-12 integrated amp. I opened it to blow out the dust and noticed that 3 of the 4 pictured components on the riser card (marked with red dots) are looking a little cooked (brownish in color): What are these, and is the discoloration typical? Thank you! Updated with a...
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