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    New home theatre speaker layout question

    Hello Everyone, We are building a new home with a small “home theatre” which will serve for both movies and audio listening (50/50). I have some basic questions about which Atmos speakers matter and where to place them. The room is approx 14’ x 18’ x 9’, so on the small side. It will have...
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    Bedroom setup: use surrounds also as stereo

    As a noob audiophile in the planning stage of a renovation, I am looking for some advice please. In the bedroom I want to have this setup: - a TV with LCR or passive soundbar in front + 2 surround rear left / right passive speakers - connected to an AVR that is located in another room (media...
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    Help with my setup! Newbie here.

    Hey everyone! I just discovered this forum about a month ago, and I officially have the bug haha. I need some help with my setup as I'm getting a little overwhelmed with everything. The biggest thing I need is to figure out how to future-proof my setup, here is what I have so far. Please have...
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    Audio Newbie looking for audio setup advice

    Hi Folks! Audio newbie here. In the process of purchasing my very first home and am even more excited to have a decent audio setup. Recently I purchased a Denon AVR-S970H 7.2-Channel 8K Network AV Receiver when my FIL's Pioneer 2.1 (very very old) receiver kicked the bucket. Right now, we're...
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    Subwoofer advice for a budget home theater

    Currently i already own a pair of Kenwood LS-34 as well as the Amplifier A-34. Since i don't want to spend more then 200 bucks for the home theater setup in my new home and since those speakers still sounds good enough i was thinking of keeping them for the setup. The only issue is that they...
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    Help in selecting proper AVR system for home theater 5 channel

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and seek some experts help. I have 5 speakers that include: Two B&W 603 s2 (30-200 watts, 3-8ohms) two B&W 685 (25-100 watts, 4-8 ohms) HTM62 (30-120 watts, 4.3- 8 ohms) Can you please suggest proper AVR system for a room that is 20ft x 35ft? Going to have my...
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    In-wall LCR speaker upgrade options

    I am planning to upgrade my home theater (dedicated) speakers to better sounding one. Use of the system is 90% movies 10% music Current Klipsch inwall speakers are working OK, but I felt something is missing in vocals and main audio out of LCR. Can you suggest upgrade of LCRs with budget ~3-4K...
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    5.1.4 In-Wall or Bookshelves? Design feedback request

    My house is currently being remodeled and I managed to broker a deal with my wife to update my home theater. I won't have a dedicated theater room, but it will be primarily be used to house my AV gear. I've received so many differing opinions from sales guys--it's driving me nuts, haha. I’m...
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