genelec 8361a

  1. C

    Help me pick an active speaker setup

    Hi All, I need a new hifi setup and would like to go active, ideally with built in DSP. I also ideally like cardioid directionality if possible given the space available in my home, and need to be near walls. I need a set of speakers for my bedroom, and another for my living room/main...
  2. K

    Genelec 8361A in a distance of 3,5m/11,5ft or something else?

    Hello, I'm new in this forum but was reading here since long time. Let me introduce myself: My name is Jan, I'm 30 years old and I live in south Germany. I'm an HiFi fan since I'm around 8, my uncle gave me his old speakers from the 80s because the foam around the Bass driver was...
  3. Esprit

    8361A… many questions (sorry).

    Good morning everyone, first post here on ASR after years of reading dozens of threads and hundreds of posts. A couple of premises: English is not my mother tongue and at school I got a grade of 4 (for which I will use Google Translate massively…) and from a technical point of view I am quite...
  4. R

    Are Genelecs good as main speakers for a small club?

    Hello everyone, I am building a listening room / small club and I want to create stunning immersive listening experience for audiophiles, playing wide range of good quality music from jazz to club genres. Dimensions of the room: 5m x 6.5m and 3.5m tall My budget is $20k I will invest in proper...
  5. Nuyes

    Genelec 8361A Measurements and Multitone comparison with other speakers.

    Hi, I measured a pair of Genelec 8361A. And I have attached multitone distortion comparison data with other loudspeakers, so I hope enjoy it. Frequency response This is 3-way loudspeaker. I'm using near-field measurement(LF) and window gating(5ms, 1m distance) to get a frequency response...
  6. V

    Genelec 8361a vs 8351B with Sub?

    Hey Guys, I'm new to this Forum and this is my first Thread here. I'm a Producer, Singer/Songwriter and do Mixing and Mastering as well. Mainly in the Genres Hip Hop, R&B, Funk, Soul, Pop and sometimes EDM. I have to make a Decision between Genelec 8361a withoud a Sub and Genelec 8351B with...
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