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  1. R

    Portable DAC/AMP for Hifiman Edition XS ?

    Hi! Any suggestions for a portable DAC/AMP that can fully exploit the potential of Hifiman Edition XS? At the moment I have a balanced 2.5 cable with a ddaudio 2.5 to 4.4 adapter My primary source is my phone and sometime the laptop but always on the go, away from a power outlet...
  2. fountain

    Best Portable DAC/AMP for HD600 (300ohms)

    I'm between these two: TANCHJIM Space Portable Headphone Adapter https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/tanchjim-space-portable-headphone-adapter-review.46231/ TempoTec Sonata BHD Pro Portable DAC & Amp...
  3. Rock9

    Please help to my choice

    Hi people I hope Im in right place to my question. I will buy a new dac to my smartphone. I like big soundstage and neutral detailed sound. My candidates: 1- Ifi nano black label (Burr-brown? Chip) 2- Any dac with 2 cirrus 43131 chips and 2 opamp chips) 3- Any dac with single Ess Sabre...
  4. C

    Best low-budget DAC or Interface for listening only

    So I wanted to buy my dad a sound Interface solely for it's playback quality over a onboard-card. I'm used to listening through my once Babyface (which kinda burned down) now Babyface pro FS, also have a fireface 802 at home. You can say I'm pretty happy with rme's line of products and their...
  5. Fraxo

    In search of a small Dac+Amp (for IEMs) that sounds close to Topping DX3 Pro+

    Hi everyone. I'm using the Topping DX3 Pro+ for professional work but I also work on the go quite often, so I bought Fiio K3 Dac Amp. I noticed a significant difference in sound between them, so I though to ask for a recommendation for a budget friendly compact Dac Amp.
  6. D

    DAC/AMP for the Sennheiser HD 560S (PS5 - mostly FPS shooters)

    The title is quite self explanatory. I don't know much about audio and my knowledge about DAC/AMPs is quite small and recent, and I was wondering what DAC/AMP combo I should buy. I'm currently stuck between 4. SMSL C200 Qudelix 5K Schiit HEL2 Sound Blaster G6. If you have any other...
  7. Jimbob54

    Portable dac/amp with optical in THAT ISNT MOJO

    Don't want to pay mojo prices but is this really the only (decent) battery powered dac/amp that will take optical input? For reference, I want to use a WIIM mini plus the mystery device as a set up at my office desk /home desk without the need for a power plug (I can run the wiim off a spare...
  8. B00tySalads

    Bigger Impact For Upgrading PC Audio DAC or Amp or DAC/Amp?

    If one were to get a single product to improve the sound from a PC for listening on mid-range (B&O Portal/Audeze Penrose) headphones (mostly listening to Tidal, Youtube, gaming), what would provide the most noticeable improvement assuming you spent the same $? For example: Dongle DAC/Amp (E1DA...
  9. vvs.angelo

    Need help to get a portable DAC

    I am thinking of buying a cable for the ER4SR for my birthday and I would like to take a portable DAC that measures well (at processing level since the ER4SR do not need so much power) and I would like to know which options are the most recommendable taking into account these aspects: -I am an...
  10. I

    SCHiiT Magnius vs dx3pro+

    https://www.schiit.com/products/magnius https://www.amazon.de/Topping-ES9038Q2M-Bluetooth-Decoder-Kopfhörer-Verstärker-Schwarz/dp/B09HBS8SLJ Which of these 2 DACS are better? I have a dt 1770 pro 250 0hm and i will not use the bluetooth feature on dx3 pro+ but i heard from many people that...
  11. Boxermotor

    SMSL DA9 DAC/Amp Pairing

    Hi, new to ASR and appreciate the plethora of sound system information! I'm setting up a desktop sound system for my office and, after exploring different options, landed on testing out the Loxjie A30 all-in-one (headphone quality an issue, I know, but is passable) and the SMSL DA9. Since I...
  12. J

    This Preamp could serve my hifiman he400se?

    Hi I would like to ask you a question: I recently bought the hifiman he400se and I want to know if the PreAmp Earman TR-AMP can amplify the he400se to its maximum volume? TR-AMP SPECIFICATIONS: HeadAmp THD+N (2.7V, 32R) <0.005% SNR >114dB Dinamic range >107dB Power: 16 Ω...
  13. Fraxo

    Loxjie D30 vs Fiio E10K - what to expect?

    So I was wondering what I should expect as far as the headphones output differences. Are they big? Where would it be audible? Is the E10K actually more powerful? Would it distort quicker? If anyone could explain that and maybe refer me to some stats so I learn - that would be great. Trying to...
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