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SMSL DA9 DAC/Amp Pairing


May 1, 2022
Indianapolis, USA
Hi, new to ASR and appreciate the plethora of sound system information!

I'm setting up a desktop sound system for my office and, after exploring different options, landed on testing out the Loxjie A30 all-in-one (headphone quality an issue, I know, but is passable) and the SMSL DA9. Since I want to use headphones for when people are around (AKG K702), wondering what DAC/Amp combo or separate units would be a solid choice to pair with the DA9. Looking at the Fulla E, Topping EX5, or even the SMSL SU9 & SH9 (I might have to sell my fist born for those).

Using Klipsch reference theater speakers and sub.

Any thoughts? Oh, and I mainly listen to classical music and interested in a wide soundstage and unembellished clarity. Once in a while some Dire Straits, Kansas, Boston, EL&P, and bluegrass/celtic, but I don't blast the walls off...Thanks!
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