1. D

    2.1 Configuration recommendations

    Hi, I am quite happy with my Wharfedale Lintons, Marantz model 30 combo, however I'm thinking that a Sub could improve overall sound and improve distortion at higher volumes (95+dB). My thinking is that if possible, I use a HPF for RCA preamp line into the model 30, and a LPF for line to Sub...
  2. R

    JBL 306P MK II Analysis

    Amir measured a dead spot at the cross over frequency right above the tweeter axis. This is readily apparent when playing a ~1.5 kHz tone and results in a musical reproduction that lacks presence: subjectively sound comes from around the speaker, not coherently from within the speaker...
  3. jhenderson0107

    SOLD - Adam Audio Sub 8 (NIB)

    New-in-box Adam Audio Sub8 subwoofer - $500 shipped to CONUS. Tech specs here. Recently received directly from Adam Audio USA. No longer required as I have transitioned to Genelec for my studio.
  4. O

    Using an inline high pass filter?

    Hi guys I’ve got a question about introducing an in line high pass filter to my system. I’ve got two different situations that I’d like to know about and that I will lay out below. I have an integrated amp that does not have pre outs or any form of bass management. I’m currently running tower...
  5. Mehdiem

    KEF LS50 and Sub Optimization?

    I have been experimenting with my LS50 and Sub KEF Q400 for several years, and still cannot find the optimal sweet spot for crossover and sub volume. The issue is that I find a good setting based on one song and album (let's say Diana Krall - Wonderful) but later when I listen to another album...
  6. B

    Audyssey Multieq-X: Real bi-amping with active crossover

    Denon AVRs have an option for bi-amping the main speakers. My understanding is this is the typical “passive bi-amping” where the same signal is sent to both, as there is no crossover functionality implemented by default. However: * Denon AVR already have active speaker/subwoofer crossovers. *...
  7. MeZoX

    Subwoofer crossover choice for a 2.1 system

    I have a Pair of KRK 8G4 monitors connected to a KRK10S2 Subwoofer , I have crossover options from 60 to 90Hz on the back side of the woofer I am not an audio professional I just use them for listening to music and watching movies , I started testing with my ears and using my mobile app phone...
  8. C

    Crossover filter - Effects on the vertical radiation

    What is usually neglected in many considerations of crossover filters are the effects on vertical radiation. Since most loudspeaker designs, apart from coaxial designs, use vertically offset sound sources, a typical case will be examined here. I did not want to use point sources, but still...
  9. D

    Active Crossover Solutions / Feedback / Recommendations

    Closed - looking at Octo Research dac8 PRO, paired w. Roon + Convolution or MiniDSP.
  10. S

    Is it correct to correct the dip at crossover?

    The amplitude-frequency response curves (near on-axis only, far off-axis only, or both on-axis and far off-axis) of a speaker may have a dip around the crossover frequency. Is it correct to eliminate the dip by EQing? As an example, let us see 2019 Audioholics B&W 603 review. The frequency...
  11. dennnic

    Crossover upgrade (based on previous thread)

    Having read "Capacitor upgrade in crossover" thread by ctrl, I'm getting curious of whether can one expect any performance improvement out of crossover mods. I've recently got a pair of old (25 years give or take) Audiovector 5x. An acquaintance of mine is a speaker constructor (for 30+ years)...
  12. A

    Dac - Dsp - Crossover

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and hope you forgive my mistakes. I'm a old audiophile who wants to upgrade his (now) simple system (Oppo BD95 + Pass Labs amp + Magnepan MG 3.3) to multi amping. As everybody says Magnepans should sound better in multiamping (maybe all of the loudspeakers do) and I...
  13. differenceclouds

    Taboo cheapness: Harrison Labs attenuators & crossovers

    I bought a pair of Harrison Labs 12dB in-line RCA attenuators to solve a hiss in an old Hafler preamp. It works beautifully, as the hiss was independent of the volume control. To my ear, these little magic RCA adapters are transparent, but I would love for someone around here to see how they...
  14. C

    Different Binding Posts - is it audible?

    The influence of BP on the sound of loudspeakers has often been controversially discussed. It even goes so far that individual voices describe the influence of binding posts as immense and recommend only very high-quality BPs - That made me curious. The full mini series...
  15. V

    Vituix CAD 2

    Hey, at the moment I am building a 2-way bluetooth speaker. I have to create a new crossover because I have annoying frequencies at around 2600hz I used this speakers: Dayton ND105-4 4" 60 - 10,000 Hz Dayton ND16FA-6 5/8'' 3,500 - 27,000 Hz At first I used Vituix CAD 1 to design a new...
  16. C

    Capacitor upgrade in crossover - You CAN'T handle the TRUTH! - Part 3

    So, after the topic capacitor upgrade has already been discussed by me in two parts, there is no reason to talk about it anymore - or is there? The full mini series: Capacitor upgrade in crossover - Is it audible? Capacitor upgrade - part two Capacitor upgrade - part three...
  17. C

    Capacitor upgrade in crossover - Is it audible? - Part 2

    Here is the second part on the topic "Capacitor upgrade in crossover - Is it audible? This time it is exclusively about the measurable differences of electrolytic capacitors with film capacitors in crossovers of loudspeakers. The first part about film capacitors can be found here and who likes...
  18. C

    Capacitor upgrade in crossover - Is it audible?

    As the topics "capacitor upgrade" and therefore "capacitor sound" is very controversial, the test method and its results are explained in detail. This cannot be dealt with in one minute. Sorry for this and I hope your attention span is still sufficient to read through a long text - whereby the...
  19. C

    Replace resistor by low-inductance resistor - Is it audible?

    Since it is often claimed here in the forum that replacing cheap sand-cast resistors with low-inductance resistors would lead to clearly audible improvements, and since it's no use pointing out that the sound change (unless it's completely imagined) is very likely due to slight deviations in the...
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