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  1. M

    SYMEF type S audio amplifier

    THD 0.002%, 1 Watt, 1kHz, 4 Ohm. Dimensions 170mm * 125mm . Allowing for creation of a multichannel amplifier and or active speaker system. Power Source Unregulated +/-40VDC to MAX +/-60VDC For bias adjustment measure the voltage across R29 with a multimeter and adjust R28 until the voltage...
  2. A

    Oscillation existed in my audio amplifier circuit?

    Hi, all I am experimenting with audio amplifiers according to this content for a while now. And I want to learn how to do an operational amplifier with discrete components and understand all its section and sub-circuits recently. Then I decided to just skip the hard part and use operational...
  3. A

    Can Class D used well for Front Stage?

    Hi, all I’ve used class a/b audio power amp for running a front stage... when i read a note Class D Audio Amplifier Basic and DIY Example, i wonder can class d do just as well? if so what are your recommendations for class d amplifiers that are almost as good and can pass SQ qualifications...
  4. orchardaudio

    SOLD!!!: Starkrimson Stereo Ultra - 500W GaN amps SOLD!!!

    I have 2 x Starkrimson Stereo Ultra review units, one with a black front panel and one with silver. Black front panel w/ XLR input -- $1500 + shipping (2500 MSRP) Silver Front panel w/XLR input -- $1650 + shipping (2700 MSRP) -- SOLD Both have some minor dings and scratches and will come with a...
  5. A

    Drive speakers from headphone drivers?

    Good day, all :) I’m using a SOM which has TLV320AIC3106 (data source as reference) on it, I want to use speakers, but TLV320AIC3106 has output for headphones. I am complete the new regarding audio electronics, but I guess I need to use amplifier for this. Is there anyone give some ideas...
  6. X

    qcc3008 Module - Noise issues

    So after a week of playing with the QCC china Modules i see they are varied in what they give you in functionality and issues The most annoying thing being noise issues with the new stuff and any amp that goes near the circuit The CSR8645 with the built in amp on the PCB you get no or...
  7. P

    Good amplifiers for acoustics laboratory

    Hello folks, I've been researching this topic for quite a while and, before I invest in anything, I would like some opinions. I am working on a small acoustics laboratory, to measure the resonant frequency of materials, few techniques of active noise canceling, and so on. Given those...
  8. orchardaudio

    Starkrimson™ Integrated Stereo Amplifier Launched

    Just Add Speakers I am proud to announce the launch of Starkrimson™ Integrated. This integrated amplifier combines Orchard Audio’s existing BOSC™ amplification and PecanPi® DAC technologies into a single enclosure. The inputs are either USB or S/PDIF. Just add speakers. Starkrimson is one of...
  9. orchardaudio

    BOSC - HiFi Monoblock Class-D Amp

    Currently Under Development Preliminary Specifications: Gain: 16.8dB or 6.92 (For 8 and 6Ω speakers) Gain: 13.8dB or 4.89 (For 4 and 3Ω speakers) Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): 121dB (A-weighted) Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.0003% (-110dB) @ 7W Frequency Response: DC - 60kHz Sensitivity...
  10. K

    Interviewed Jason Lord from Source AV

  11. BillG

    I.AM.D V200BT- Class D integrated mini-amp: Has anyone here measured this little devil?

    Hi all, First of all, hello from New Zealand, and thanks for having me! I purchased the following a few months ago and am quite impressed with it - it sounds good to my ears and has all the inputs I need. However, I'm wondering if any of you professionals here have put it through its paces...
  12. TheInquiring

    Integrated to drive Tekton Lore Reference

    Dear experts! I need your advice on a solid-state integrated amp to drive a pair of these Tektons to moderate levels (65 - 70 dB) in a modest Hi-Fi music-only setup, please. Budget: would like to stay below $500 (flexible, within reason). Please chime in!
  13. amirm

    Electronic Basics: Understanding Class B and Class AB Amplifiers

    In a recent thread on Benchmark AHP2 amplifier ( I noted that their marketing page for that unit showed a class B amplifier but said that it was class AB. Even though this is a much...
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