1. sushi2020

    Influence of Android’s Sampling Rate Converter on Sound Quality

    I use Apple Music with Wavelet on my Android phone. Android's sampling rate converter forces the sampling rate to 48kHz, which worses the sound quality more than iPhone, but how much does this actually affect the sound quality? Any research or explanation on this topic?
  2. N

    Android audio resampling also via bluetooth?

    Hi! This might be a pretty noob question, but does android resample 44.1khz audio sources (streaming or local files) into 48khz also while playing via bluetooth and 44.1khz chosen in developer settings? If so, should I rather choose 48khz in developer settings so the audio won't be resampled...
  3. M

    Qudelix 5K - DSP and most functions unavailable without BT connection

    Hi there, Sorry if I'm asking something obvious but I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere. Just received the Qudelix 5K and I am not able to access most functions from the Qudelix mobile app unless it's paired with my phone. I am not intending to use it as a BT amp/DAC with my phone...
  4. T

    Just bought AKG N700 NC M2 love the sound but volume from mic is tiny - any solutions?

    Hello all, Any thoughts about how to increase the volume of the mic for voice when using bluetooth? Note: the problem occurs on my iPhone 13 and also on my RealMe 3 Pro. Other people on the call can barely hear me, but it does not occur when connected to my laptop, where the mic volume is...
  5. vvs.angelo

    Objetive recommendations for DAC/Amp portable

    Budget: 150$ (sadly). Format: Portable (iOS, Android and Windows) Features to consider for my main earphone: Etymotic ER4SR Impedance: 43.9958 to 75.8971ohms (from 20.3hz to 16khz (frecuency response respectly)) Sensitivity: 98 db/mW...
  6. C

    Please help - How to revive my Zappiti motherboard Android Head Unit ?

    Presenting the problem: I was using about two years the Zappiti Cinema Audiocom Edition unit, in adition to other units that I am also using, but each of them for different tasks. I was having problems with the stability of the Android 6.0.1 installed on the Zappiti and from time to time I did...
  7. S

    REW-like app for mobile (Android/iOS)

    Hey all, In another thread, y'all might be convincing me to invest in a minidsp UMIK-1 measurement microphone. I'm thinking about one advantage of a USB mic: portability. Could a smartphone use the UMIK-1 and its calibration profile? If so: Is there a recommended app for iOS/Android that's...
  8. PaperBoat

    PowerAmp Android music player app

    Does Poweramp completely bypass native Android audio processing with its "Hi-Res Output" when streaming via Bluetooth?
  9. S

    Multiple input Bluetooth mixer, headphone amplifier, microphone amplifier, USB, iphone, Android, computer.

    Not sure what is the best category to post this query. I have a Samsung Android phone, iPhone and laptop. I would like a mixer unit which could connect with all three units simultaneously via Bluetooth or wired connection for processing at least audio output from the three units, but...
  10. C

    USB-C dongle for hifi

    I am looking to buy possibly a Xiaomi 12 Ultra when it launches. But i don't know which usb-c to aux dongle i should buy. I mostly use my Xenns (mangird) Tea and my YBF-ISS014, and i also mostly listen to flac files. I didn't know what category to post this thread in. Update: I have looked at...
  11. xykreinov

    Help with VIPER4Android

    So, I followed this guide to get a custom parametric eq setting on my phone: Oddly, the vdc file has text. When I put it in the VIPER4ANDROID/DDC folder Viper4android can see the preset. Yet, when I click on my preset, it doesn't do anything. I can choose any of the other headphone presets and...
  12. RickSanchez

    Folding@home ARM support for Android and Raspberry Pi

    Details on implementation are light, to say the least. But it appears Folding@home (and Rosetta@home) will now support ARM64 and work on Android phones and Raspberry Pi devices.
  13. BillG

    An Android device as a touchscreen network streamer...

    A few days ago I stumbled across a video of Darko discussing using an LG V30 smartphone as a network streamer. Since I don't trust him very much, nor do I care for his presentation style, I decided to experiment with the idea myself. By the way, the following site conducts some performance...
  14. BillG

    Poweramp users, do I have some news for you! Our favorite Android music player now supports Chromecast (Build 821+)

    Poweramp users, do I have some news for you! Our favorite Android music player now supports Chromecast (Build 821+)... ⚡:p
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