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Please help - How to revive my Zappiti motherboard Android Head Unit ?


Mar 12, 2022
Presenting the problem:
I was using about two years the Zappiti Cinema Audiocom Edition unit, in adition to other units that I am also using, but each of them for different tasks. I was having problems with the stability of the Android 6.0.1 installed on the Zappiti and from time to time I did several software resets. That means, if the flash ROM still contains the original program, then all other modifications and settings would have been restored to their factory settings.

Presenting the main technical data of the Zappiti unit:
● Chipset: Realtek RTD1295.
● CPU: ARM® Cortex® CA53 x4 (Quad Core).
● GPU: Mali™-T820 MP3 (3 Core) (equivalent to an Octa-core Mali 450) - DirectX 11.1, OpenGLES 3.1, OpenGL 1.2, FP, ASTC, Renderscript. 4x Multi-Sampling Anti-Aliasing (MSAA).
● Operating System: 64-Bit.
● DSP: Video and Audio DSP with hardware acceleration. Native hardware 10-bit YUV support.
● Cache: 1 MB L2.
● RAM: 2 GB DDR4.
● NAN eMMC: 16 GB (5.0).

What I did wrong:
I was using X-Plore apk to enter into the android root. I did erased some applications from there.
The device is no longer starting at all, except the Z logo stays freezed on the screen for hours and no firmware procedure works.

Searching for solutions:
I had just found an amazing procedure, also presented on youtube (here:
) , on how to revive the Android Head Unit directly from the motherboard, by using MediaTek SP_Flash_Tool_exe_Windows_v5.2036.00.000.zip , a flash_tool program which enables the user for a complete Memory Dump Procedure via flashtool or uploading Firmware (full or parts) via flashtool. Unfortunately the MediaTek SP_Flash_Tool_exe_Windows is not good for RealTek chipsets so I searched for that kind of software and there is none, or at least not one which contains all components so each and everyone must be installed individually and is complex. The Test Point method is not always needed, but if it does, I already found the two points they mention on the motherboard


Does anyone from this forum know a complete procedure step by step on how to apply the youtube (valid only for MediaTek chipsets) procedure to the RealTek chipsets ?
I thank you in advance for any suggestions, advises, ideas, anything you might get for helping.


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