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    KEF Reference 4C Review (Center Speaker)

    Only if you're back in the 20th century still listening only to 2-channel music. There's a whole world of 5-channel and Atmos music out there, you know... (And quite a few of us heretics rather like Dolby Pro Logic II Music mode for the retro 2-channel content).
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    KEF Reference 4C Review (Center Speaker)

    Seeing them sell pairs of Reference 4c speakers as they're doing certainly does give the impression they're trying to clear stock. I think Amir may just have helped with that :) Maybe they've seen less demand than expected for high-end expensive dedicated centres...
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    KEF Reference 4C Review (Center Speaker)

    You're not just thinking of this rather generic "don't put it them in silly places" diagram, are you? That's just telling you to put it on a shelf or stand, not on the floor. And, actually, with no outrigger feet for balance, they probably couldn't ever suggest upright use on basic product...
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    KEF Reference 4C Review (Center Speaker)

    Correct - that's what they do for most of their range. But they step it up for the Reference series. Jack Oclee-Brown discusses that here at 28:00. The Reference speakers come with a choice of two port lengths to let you adjust the tuning. And the specs suggest that this includes the Reference...
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    KEF Reference 4C Review (Center Speaker)

    Conceptually, yes. But the construction is somewhat different round the back. There's a presentation here in which you can see the LS50 (original), R series (2012), Reference and Blade drivers at 4:30. Jack Oclee-Brown says there: It looks like the "low distortion motor" is working, from the...
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    Optimizing Center Channel Performance - Dispersion, Placement & Image

    Is that an answer, or just restating the problem? ;)
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    Dialog vs explosions - how much is bad tv/movie sound balance and how much is the speaker/room?

    The DRC metadata is basically a "profile" for the dynamic range compressor. It avoids the compressor having to auto-detect the levels in the content on the fly - it's a bit like "ReplayGain", giving information about the entire track's loudness. A receiver will happily do dynamic range...
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Bookshelf Speaker) Video

    Or there's this whole hour presentation. Although how much effect the various changes have, well that's another matter.
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    Dialog vs explosions - how much is bad tv/movie sound balance and how much is the speaker/room?

    Dynamic range is the issue here. Some people have mentioned "dialogue enhancement" because of your guess about raising the centre channel - it's a higher-tech answer to the problem that raising the centre channel would be an answer to. But neither are the solution to your problem. Audyssey...
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    Denon AVR crossover doesn't seem to work for main speakers

    Incorrect. If the speakers are set to SMALL, and you're not in a DIRECT mode the subwoofer will get redirected bass. There's no need to select LFE+Main. LFE: Subwoofer plays LFE and bass (below crossover frequency) from speakers set to SMALL LFE+Main: Subwoofer plays LFE and bass (below...
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    KEF LS50 Meta vs KEF R3

    And the KEF LS50 Meta was announced in September 2020. They're about 2 years apart.
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    KEF white paper talks about the crossover difference - your picture must be of the LF board.
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    KEF T101 Review (Thin Speaker)

    Which is fine, but does mean we're a bit limited for non-freestanding speakers. They're being tested with a protocol that was never intended for them. Headphones would also score abysmally on a speaker spinorama and freestanding response, but we've got a different scientifically backed target...
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    LFE in a stereo downmix

    One problem is what a tool or device defines as "without the boost". Often a "0" setting for LFE denotes the standard 10dB level difference. For example Denon AVRs have an LFE level setting ranging from -10dB to 0dB. "-10dB" means equal level, and "0dB" means standard 10dB-higher level. Well...
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    Speakers against front wall - can this be settled?

    Yeah, that's quite something. That's the Reference series manual, right? I guess they reckon Reference owners have that sort of room. For the plebs, R series says "0.5m (20") MIN" to side and "225mm (9") MIN" to back. LS50 Meta is recommended to be ">1000mm" to side, ">500mm" to back.
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