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    Audyssey's Next Generation of Room Correction (MultEQ-X)

    So far only the MultEQ-X app has correction. It will show real physical distance measurements in its UI, but it will put them into the receiver with the 0.875 adjustment. If using the normal Audyssey app, or the receiver itself, or a tape measure, you should make the 0.875 adjustment yourself...
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    Denon AVR-X4700 AVR Review (Updated)

    Decent source devices do - dedicated devices like Blu-ray players or whatever - but quite a few things like PCs, or various "smart" apps won't do that, and always output a fixed channel configuration regardless of what they're playing. On those you may find yourself having to manually switch...
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    Having seen quite a few KEF serial numbers, I believe that would be week 5 of 2021. Format seems to be: v Colour? 1=Black; 2=White? v Left/Right/Neutral vv Week v Year A=2008; N=2021 vvvvv Serial vvvvv Product...
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    Or just ask dealers? I just noticed you said "Kef will not sell" - certainly their direct web store doesn't, but dealers might be prepared to split. You won't be the only person considering a LS50 Meta centre. Mine would have sold one of the more boring (popular?) colours, but not in the Royal...
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    "Bad" is hard to say. But worse than using one, yes. And two side-by-side would be worse than two one-above-the-other. You're just opening the door to all sorts of interference and directivity problems, unnecessarily. People frequently recommend KEF Uni-Q based centres precisely because the...
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    Best to use one, as I do (on its side). You can probably sell the spare successfully to someone else wanting to do the same. Or just keep it as a spare - that's what I did. With 7 in use, an 8th for disaster back-up didn't seem too extravagant.
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    KEF LS60 Wireless Just Announced

    One DAC can be better than another DAC, so using an outboard DAC instead of, say, the DAC in your CD player might make sense. When you need to go digital->analogue, do it as best you can. But inserting an extra DAC into the chain can only possibly colour the sound.The LS60 is just going to have...
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    Audiophonics HPA-S400ET Review (Stereo Amplifier)

    Recurring issues like may be an indication of a relative lack of testing before shipping. Electronic devices do get faults, and they can often be intermittent. My Apollon Purifi order was not fast - last time I checked on status, I was told it was finished and undergoing a "48-hour test"...
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    JBL A180 Tower Speaker Review

    You started talking about the schematic - for a different speaker - in post 95, wrongly saying that only one of the woofers had the inductor. Presumably at the time you thought it was the A180's schematic. People corrected your misreading of that schematic - of a different speaker - to point...
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    Ports question - RCA vs USB vs Optical

    The OP did list "RCA IN" and "coaxial" separately, suggesting that maybe the "RCA IN" being talked about was analogue?
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    What makes music in Ready Player One- the movie- sound so good?

    Absolutely they often will be upmixing using something like Penteo - that's quite routine, if it's important music. Why use a flat 2-channel render using only 2 speakers in a full surround final mix? Sometimes they may be using an existing real multichannel mix of the song - looking at the list...
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    new KEF KC62 dual 6.5" subwoofer

    I just get reminded of it periodically when I'm faffing with REW. First trace graph might look a bit low, then I realise it's the SmartConnect still engaging. You can sometimes see it kick in during the trace - the low frequencies are 6dB lower than expected, but sloping up to the correct level...
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    new KEF KC62 dual 6.5" subwoofer

    As I said above, Smart Connect is that it auto-adjusts the gain depending on whether it senses one- or two-channel input. The KF92 information sheet says: "SmartConnect cleverly determines whether a mono or stereo input is being used and optimises the gain to ensure optimum performance" I...
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    new KEF KC62 dual 6.5" subwoofer

    The MODE switch set to LFE disables the CROSSOVER (LPF) knob only. (And maybe the HPF?) The PHASE (polarity), EQ and VOLUME controls continue to work in LFE mode. The "LFE"-marked input (also L) works either way, independently of MODE. The sub simply auto-senses whether you have one or two...
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