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YouTube Audio Reviewer Tier List - Jan 2023 Edition


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Apr 30, 2023
Northeastern region of USA
This is my take on YouTube reviewers. If you are a YouTube reviewer or any kind of reviewer and you do not have industrial precision measurement tools, then you should absolute refrain from speaking about your subjective perception of the sound, unless there is something obviously off with the sound with electronics and with the exception for speakers.

If you are reviewing the electronics, you can talk about the engineering (as provided by the manufacturer or your analysis if you have the technical background), the functionality, describing the cosmetics built quality, your experience using the equipment, what you like and don't like (and why) and the reliability for the time you had it.

I personally don't enjoy watching reviews for entertainment factor, if I wanted to be entertained, I would be watching a movie, but that's me personally.

Here is an example of a perfect reviewer in my books, he's a car reviewer not audio, but this guy is a no BS, straight to the point, very detail and practical, sticks with observable facts and experience with the product AND does not drag out the video when he doesn't have to (unlike that Zeos guy, that guy talks so much gibberish nonsense that you can't make any sense of anything).

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