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Windows 11: Windows Subsystem for Android


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Mar 27, 2020
This thread talks about the "Windows Subsystem for Android" feature for Windows 11. If you don't know what it is, it's basically an android emulator (for x86) and native android (for ARM). This feature was available back in October for Windows Insiders but now you can install the "Preview" right now by going to the MS Store and installing the "Amazon Appstore Preview" (USA Only) and yes you can technically sideload apps. Some Apps appear to run at 720p or lower even at max window. Sideload apps at your own risk.

Sideloaded apps experience (APK via Trustlook Backup & Restore):
  • iFunny: Success install, refuses to open at all
  • USB Audio Player: Refuses to install
  • Smart Life: Refuses to install

Sideloaded apps experience (APK via Lucky Patcher)
  • Sony Headphones: Success install, crashes at main menu first run, next reopens are white screen crashes
  • Sony Music Center: Success install, crashes at location selection screen first run, next reopens are black screen crashes
  • USB Audio Player Pro: Refuses to install due to being a ".apks." file
  • iFunny: Refuses to install due to being a ".apks." file
  • Microsoft Word: Success install, Goes vertical & sign in appears then crashes (everytime).
  • Smart Life: Refuses to install due to being a ".apks." file
  • Angry Birds Seasons: Success install, Works (App stuck in 720p or lower)
Sideload apps experience (APK via Direct)
  • F-Droid: Success install, works and installs apps
  • USB Audio Player Pro TV: Success install, black screen crashes
  • SmartTubeNext: Success install, works (App Seems to be stuck in 720p or lower, video choppy over 1080p, More than 1080p options).
  • YouTube Vanced: Success install, mostly works (App resizes UI to window size, very slightly choppy at 1080p60, only able to select 1080p60 or lower).
  • Aptoide: Success install, works (App resizes UI to window size)
Sideload apps experience (APK via Aptoide) [Aptoide is an open app market place, which means there is paid apps that are free, so I do not condone piracy and also, use this app at your own risk].
  • iFunny: Success install and has warnings about having no google services but does work.
  • Google Play Store: Success install, quick black screen crashes
  • Lucky Patcher: Success install, works
  • Analiti Speed Test WiFi Analyzer: Success install and works

2 bugs I encountered:
  1. IP Address Unknown in WSA Settings even after multiple refreshes. Fix: Simply Open Amazon App Store
  2. ADB refuses to install apk's due to thinking there's multiple devices [adb: error: failed to get feature set: more than one device/emulator]. Fix: Sign Out/Log Off and rerun terminal again or Type (In terminal, without quotations) ".\adb kill-server" then ".\adb devices", now you should be able to connect and install apk's.

What I like about WSA:
- Can uninstall apps without starting the subsystem
- Apps can actually interact with Windows (Notifications, etc.)
- Fast startup compared to BlueStacks if you let WSA run in the background.
- Able to sideload
- Apps run in different windows versus tabs in BlueStacks
- Some apps can resize UI depending on window size
- Able to easily repair and reset WSA without restarting Windows

What I don't like about WSA:
- Cannot import apk files via a file browser and have to use terminal
- Cannot set resolution like BlueStacks
- Amazon Appstore is terrible and is required for WSA setup
- Some apps need google services to work
- 70% chance of apps not working.
- Sometimes when an main app wants to install an app, the main app crashes but its rare.
- Some apps run in 720p or lower regardless of window size and your system's resolution.
- No progress bar when starting apps, so its hard to tell if its stuck on something or not.
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Mar 27, 2020
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