1. snapsc

    Would You Buy Speaker Cables If LCR Testing Was An Option, I Did

    One of my first introductions to ASR was Amir’s article/review titled “when 12 gauge wire isn’t 12gauge”. Ok, I knew that “Reduced Dislocation Density” was probably just cable marketing...but various 12 gauge wires having different measured properties. Yikes! A few months after reading this...
  2. E

    Is MiniDSP SHD's ADC performance in the same ballpark as RME ADI-2 Pro fs?

    Given that the MiniDSP SHD and the RME ADI-2 Pro fs both use the same AKM chips, have similar specs, and in Amir's DAC testing showed very similar performance, is it safe to assume that the ADC performance of the MiniDSP SHD is likely to have a SINAD within a few dB of the RME ADI-2 Pro fs? I...
  3. pma

    Complex Load for Power Amplifier torture testing

    Complex load for power amplifier torture testing It has been discussed on the forum that we should test power amplifier not only to purely resistive load, but also some kind of the complex load should be used as well to verify amplifier stability and ability to drive complex load that may occur...
  4. pkane

    Beta-test: DeltaWave Null Comparison software

    Folks, Only for the brave: I'd like to solicit your feedback and suggestions on DeltaWave null-testing software. It's an early preview, so please be gentle! Details and software download are available here: https://deltaw.org An example report produced by DeltaWave comparing two USB cables...
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