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What system would you build if you started from scratch?

I'd just buy a pair of Dutch and Dutch 8C's, a couple of SVS SB 2000's, and a way of crossing them over at around 100 hz, namely DLBC, on a fanless PC or Mac M1 mini and be done with it.
If you know where to get a pair of 8Cs in OP's budget, for 2000 EUR or less, please don't hold out on us. ;)
Sorry for the late reply!

Regarding listening position and volume, it is very manageable for the 8030s in my situation. My wife HATES anything above 80 dB, and that has kind of influenced me so I rarely go 85 dB. They will be placed on either side of a TV in a small living room at a distance of at most 2m to the listening position.

It is my intention to get a sub, but in time. So indeed the WiiM Pro Plus would be a problem with the lack of sub outs. It seems that the only route is minidsp flex balanced once I have some money, which would then nicely segway into a sub as it is easy to integrate with the DSP capabilities. But price is keeping me from going there just yet. A DAC as a preamp and fiddling with positioning seems the only budget option at this time.

85 dB SPL @ 2m should not be a problem for the 8030s.

The 8030s do have bass rolloff switch (-4 dB at 55 Hz I think). You can use Y cables from the Wiim and set the bass rolloff on the Genelec then use the sub's crossover (or built-in dsp) to do the bass EQ.

The Genelec has pretty well-behaved bass rolloff even without the -4 dB switch. You'd likely be OK just using it as-is ad matching the sub's DSP to the Genelec. Especialy if you are keeping it at modest volumes.

of course, a better crossover or minidsp would likely give you better results. but maybe not so much better for the expense? You might try it with Y cable and using the bass rolloff in the Genelec.

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