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Vertical acoustic panels right next to speakers in near-field setup in asymmetric placement

Mar 16, 2023
Hi. I currently have a Genelec 8341A setup like in the photos below (the tweeters are perfectly at ear canal height):

This is centered within the right half of a 27'4" wide living room, the left half being 14'11" deep and the right half where my setup is being 14'3" deep, the ceiling being 7'11". Below is a partly outdated floorplan predating my access to a laser rangefinder that particularly shows where the rear entrances to the large high-ceiling central area are:

This layout at least demonstrates how until my above-garage studio gets built, I am quite limited in where I can put my PC and hence speaker system. Below is the current measurement from GLM 4.2.2 from my listening position around a meter from each channel, the monitors having the bass ports about 8" away from the front wall:
2023-10-01_12-45-41 - From new listening position.png

Clearly, I have no way to ensure symmetric sidewall reflections, and as for placing acoustic panels to absorb such, there is currently the right side of the front window as well as the left side of the deck door in the way. There will be no problems fitting acoustic panels behind the speakers and at the opposite wall. Hence...

Question: Would it be a terrible idea to get around this as well as establish some form of side reflection symmetry by erecting two stand-mounted acoustic panels right by the sides of my desktop setup, perhaps with an overhead ceiling panel? Note that I am prioritizing neutrality and the clarity of the forward image over any sense of "envelopment". Would there be any benefit to using the thicker bass trap panels at these distances instead of or in addition to at the corners?

Also, in REW, I don't know if it is already a known technique to identify the surfaces responsible for certain FR artifacts by decreasing the impulse window and seeing past which spike at a certain time and hence travel distance (I use distance from speaker = (343 m/s * t + 1 m) / 2) the given artifact disappears. Given that, those large upper midrange to lower treble ripples are probably from desk reflections while the midrange ripples are from floor, ceiling, and right side wall reflections. The 70 Hz null and the following bass ripples appears to start developing around the point of the rear and left side wall reflections arriving.
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