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USB to SPDIF converter for Apple Music / DSD


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Jul 11, 2021
I've read lately about USB to SPDIF converters.
I also have found here on this forum and in other sources a few posts related.
For those who already use a Douk U2 or U2 Pro USB to SPDIF converter, would you please share with me,

-Using the Apple Music app, Hi Res files 24/192 > iPhone lightning USB out > USB-B in ( Douk U2 ) Optical/Coax out, you are still able to achieve 24/192 in order to go to an external DAC?

-In the above described audio chain, using Douk U2 or U2 Pro, the volume could be adjusted using the iPhone (Apple Music app) or it's fixed?

-If I use a USB Hub like we have in the below picture for example, the U2 / U2 Pro will be able to play DSD content stored on external HDD via USB in?
I know that there are some differences, some devices will play only from Windows for example. I also will have in mind that via U2 / U2 Pro's Optical/Coax out, DSD it goes at max. DSD64.

I have to recognize that I've read the specs more than once but not so sure if I fully understand all the details, being kind of new into this digital-audio-thing,

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