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  1. T

    Wiim Pro Plus questions before purchase

    I am considering buying a Pro Plus. I have iPhone 15 and Apple Music subscription. What will the audio quality be, if I use Airplay and the quality is set to lossless in settings? Will it be AAC 256? also How do I connect my iPhone 15 (USB-C) to the Pro Plus with a cable in order to utilize the...
  2. B

    Lossless stream with an iPhone (apple music)?

    Hi! I was wondering if using the apple camera lightning kit (lightning -> usb) to connect my iPhone directly to my DAC would result in lossless audio? And do you think it's a good solution? (I don't really care having to connect the cable each time I want to listen to music...) I'm currently...
  3. nawfal07

    Source: Streaming Services - Detailed Measurement Review

    Hi @amirm / Reviewers / Everyone, Hopefully this thread is worth having, if not I fully understand and it can be deleted. I'm wondering, besides from a blind test, can audio sources i.e. streaming services (Tidal, Apple Music, Qobuz, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc or even radio apps like TuneIn...
  4. Soria Moria

    Dolby Atmos sounding dreadful on multi-driver IEMs?

    Hi. I recently got my first ever tribid IEMs, the Moondrop Variations. I've noticed that when connected to my iPhone playing music that supports Dolby Atmos on Apple Music, it sounds terrible and disjointed. This issue is not present on any of my other headphones or single-driver IEMs. Anybody...
  5. trl

    Apple TV 3'rd Generation - AirPlay measurements over TOSLINK

    Hello all, I was about to get rid of my old Apple TV 3'rd generation, A1469 model, due to the fact that it has no HBO Max, just Prime Video and Netflix and not sure for how long, given that streaming platforms will probably get updated in few years again, while this Apple TV model is already...
  6. A

    What is your digital sources ?

    What kind of digital sources that you commonly listen to ..
  7. F

    Apple Music LosslessSwitcher app for Mac

    I don't use the Apple Music service and have no connection to this app but just came across it and I figured it might be useful to some folks here... and
  8. B

    USB to SPDIF converter for Apple Music / DSD

    Hi, I've read lately about USB to SPDIF converters. I also have found here on this forum and in other sources a few posts related. For those who already use a Douk U2 or U2 Pro USB to SPDIF converter, would you please share with me, -Using the Apple Music app, Hi Res files 24/192 > iPhone...
  9. mononoaware

    (Solved) MacOS Big Sur “Apple Music” (Player Software) - USB to DAC - Equalizer delayed after pausing

    Setup: M1 Mac Mini>USB cable>SMSL SU-8 DAC Is anyone else using Apple Music Application to playback using with Equalizer “on” after pausing experience a delay of 2-3 seconds before Equalizer actually enables? You can test the Equalizer by cutting everything above 1khz by -12dB, or cutting...
  10. Zensō

    Are you moving from Roon+Tidal/Qobuz to a Major HiFi Streaming Service?

    Now that lossless has hit the mainstream, will you be dropping your Roon subscription in favor of one of the major streaming services?
  11. Jazz

    The lowdown on Apple Music lossless June 2021
  12. trl

    Tidal vs. Deezer vs. Qobuz vs. Spotify vs. Apple Music

    I'm into choosing between Tidal and Deezer and I guess I'll stick with Tidal due to being the only Hi-Fi (CD Quality) service that has a Family Plan. Yes, unfortunately Deezer Hi-Fi has no Family Plan, quite a bad marketing I'd say. Tidal Hi-Fi (16-bit, 1,411 Kbps) - No roll-off up to 20KHz...
  13. L

    Apple Music launches Apple Digital Masters collection of high-quality songs

    Interesting announcement by Apple: Seems to be AAC 256kbit not ALAC and 24bit source material. Not quite sure what Apple are announcing to be honest or if this is more PR...
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