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UM18 VS Bowers & Wilkins CTSW15


Jan 2, 2024
I took some measurements in my theater today comparing my DIY Dayton UM18 to a Bowers and Wilkins CTSW15. The CTSW15 retails for $1700. The UM18 can be built for around $500. The first measurement is with my EQ settings removed. The second measurement is with my EQ settings applied. The CTSW15 did surprisingly well for its size. The enclosure is the same width and height as the UM18 enclosure, but much shallower. You can fit almost 3 of the CTSW15 enclosures in the UM18 enclosure.

Measurements show that the UM18 is basically twice as loud (+6-7db) as the CTSW15 under 45Hz. Above that they are nearly equal, and both have the same group delay measurements (sealed subs). While not worth anywhere near the $1700 it retails for, it is quite impressive for such a shallow enclosure. Two of these would more-or-less equal a UM18 in output, and 3 would surpass it by +3dB. If these retailed at a much lower price these would be excellent to place around a room to get a nice even frequency response.

Purple is the UM18 in the first measurement. Teal is the UM18 in the second measurement.


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