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Turntables - help me understand the appeal?


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Mar 16, 2016
Suffolk UK
At 99% you have better luck than I have. While I have very few used "unplayable" LP's I do have a fair number of "disappointments" which range from noise to wear/damage to a poor recording or poor pressing to begin with. I agree that a line contact will play most used records with less noise and distortion. Some of my favorite LP's are from the late1950's, especially mono recordings which can be surprisingly quiet. I used to pick them up cheap so didn't mind taking some "risk" but this weekend I came across an original mono Sarah Vaughan album from the late 1950's which looked a little sketchy and they wanted $35 for it which is too much for me. Maybe I am being too careful though... I see original Blue Note LP's like Cool Struttin' going for thousands of dollars.
Poor recordings I have plenty, whether on LP or CD. Some of them have even won Emmys! Have a look at the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss CD, clipped to buggery, yet still won plaudits. Ditto Rag 'n' Bone Man Human. I'm convinced that record reviewers / awards judges have cloth ears.

As to LP prices, I have a personal cut-off at £15 for an LP. More than that, I'll either buy the CD or use Spotify. The only rare exception is for Quadraphonic LPs, as that's the only way to have the SQ or QS version.

I buy LPs to play, not just to collect, so 'Rare' or 'collectors' prices don't interest me as I won't be selling them.

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