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The precedence effekt - very important för the sound enthusiast


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Jun 20, 2019
While spaciousness is a sense of the size of the space (i.e. the boundaries) the directional cue is still solid. There is too much and too weak signals in the reflections to override the directional information of the first arriving main sound. The tries I made was with damping panels covering a large area behind the speaker, but leaving a reflective space between the speakers where the TV was. Those panels were DIY (95 mm rock wool covered with perforated masonite and then a layer of 40 mm foamy material (typical studio room material). The main result was a more dynamic sound, more silence when it should be silent, more details, cleaner, and "calmer" sound. As if the music was a bit slower in pace. Also, there was a better sense of the venue stretching far behind the front wall, probably because of more details in the recording was heard (when the microphone technique used was right). I could also crank up the volume more than I used to. The experiments I made with treating side-walls did not give those sensations, which I just believe was due the precedence effect. The ear just locked on of every detail that was coming from the front wall/phantom image.
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