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Oct 21, 2019
taylors ,sc
...........!!!!! WOW !!!!!........... this finally drives my MONOPRICE M570 cans the way

they were meant to be no more distorsion at the low end sub 30hz at 12:00 on the voluime dail an im not even on the balanced out yet iv still got to get a cable

upgrade for that im just coming of my jds atom amp at 1 watt at high gain an i was never sure how much gain boost in db i was getting but i aways fell the need to use

this digital pc eq to eq an back off the volume by -4db weither i was gaming or watching a web vid or
listening to foobar but with this flat out no trim or eq an its great no distorsion at all

an the only diff is an extra 1 watt at 32ohms SE at high gain which is 8plus db not bad at all , an i dont think that its just the 1 extra at 32ohms that gives this

beast the better oomph but so far im very pleased i will update the review two more time for more indepthness

.1 - an when i get my custom balanced xlr headphone cables from either hartaudiocables or audiophileninja

.2 - an when i get my balanced massdrop dac an xlr cables

but for right now im going to bliss out to some solar fields an tool audio goodness



please if the audiophile gods will allow three sins of posting

1. low light level pic quality sucks my moto g power is far better then my 2nd gen g but its still not perfect

2.these looked sharper in ther raw. formate an were 30md each back this site dosent take that so this is 5mb jpeg

3. if you see what looks like whit grit on the gear in the shot almost like dandruff its not its the stucco debris from are bad ceiling in our rental home that flaks on everthing worst then dust an if after 3hours all surfaces have a thin film layer that we have to clean , not such an annoyance on seating or the floor but the pc an av gear uhg!

but when you try to take a clean shot of some gear its more noticable when you get the luck of a big chunk that stands out like dandruff
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