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testing transducer tactile shakers


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Dec 7, 2019
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i don't have the above , so many transducer tactile bass shakers to select from ?

so many ways the bass shaker can be fitted and tested


bass shakers provide ( to some they are a gimmick to others they are game changer )
to me providing i have more than one attached to the seat and others attached to floor so i know i can also feel lows in my feet to legs body or partly some of the lows may vibrate the seat , the other bass shaker mounted to the seat bucket provides more shaking vibration

some bass shakers provide the same principles of vibration at affordably prices others at very high prices !

dayton puke are small and if carefully fitted or know how on how to test them without overloading the input signal to point of bottoming or burning the voice coil out




bass shakers i have tested and used other ones aura bass shakers are mostly presently being used now , still have the pucks


attaching the aura bass shakers inside the seat bucket just barely fit and was surprised ,
i generally test using sine wave tones , feeling for a max vibration feel with as little as much 1v and then steadily increase fader level or dB gain level on behringer DCX 2496 or any other audio device as the bass shakers need their own independent control system to tailor customise the feel

also is listening as bass shakers do make some audio sound when attached to surface object as well they can make sound when holding them or suspending the item for more thorough testing to see if item has any technical flaws or defects


i even tied the dayton puck to the seat cushion springs at first when i got these and provided a vibration after playing the sensurround great , earthquake " the big one " ( twice ) at 20 mins , afterwards i couldn't sit down on seat my ass tingle sort of like " white finger " the affect wore off , so too much of a vibration can have some aftereffect ?


i use voltmeter so when testing with sine wave tones , also to note the seat seating of any will at some frequency voltage gain level , will or may resonate , buzzing noises ( these have to be addressed so they are not audible ) so many materials can be used to dampen resonate buzzing or by applying other fittings to the seat seating to reduce buzzing rattling noises

behringer DCX 2496 is idea for bass shakers if using say x6 of them with own amplifiers so they can be adjusted for each singe - seats or one large sofa seating area with few bass shakers attached there would normally be enough PEQ filters x9 PEQ filters to tackle the bass shakers and gain levels , phase , polarity , time delays ( audio limiters ) so to prevent shakers being damaged as well as LED VU dB monitoring
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