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Speaker dilemma with 40 Watt Amp

Mar 4, 2021
I have a really nice 40 watt Creek integrated 4330 Mark 2 and am in need of speakers. At first I was considering getting British speakers from the same era just to do the historical thing. After asking around people recommended Spendor, Wharfedale, Rogers, the BBC monitor family. Epos was said to be too bright, even though they had a connection to Creek and should be well matched. Anyhow this is for a second system and I don't want to spend a fortune--$700 ought to do it. Additionally, these speakers need more power. I'm not going to drive them hard in a small room with classical chamber music but want to be in the correct parameters. Getting something efficient is getting to be a problem. Also as I look around it is evident that old speakers have issues like dried ferrofluid which is the natural offshoot of age. I found Kef Q1s from 1996 that seem ok but don't want unexpected expenses. So I have given up on British (though Epos is still tempting), given up on vintage/historical and am expanding by considering Elac, Tekton, the Larsen 4.2, etc. As an experiment I hooked up the Creek to my Larsen 6.2s (88dB but more power hungry that one would think) and just had the impression it didn't work. Any ideas out there? Many thanks.
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