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SOLD: (AU/Worldwide)- Purifi


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Mar 27, 2019
Purifi original PTT6.5X04-NFA pair

3 pictures attached, as below:



image0 (1).jpeg
Usual price: US $439 eg. ex. Madisound

Will ship in original Purifi boxes, as above, and then double packed for damage protection. I pay for extra packaging, you pay postage please.

My selling price US $539 pair

Shipping estimate- AU to Wisconsin, USA

US$100 for a PAIR, via Australia Post
US$166 for a PAIR, via Fedex International Economy

NZ$66 for a pair, via Australia Post

My location to Sydney via Australia post
About 25 bucks! (large Flat rate packaging box)

22 x 12 x 7 cm, 2.2kg per box (my reference only)

Reason for sale- New Year, new test equipment needed.
Yes, and more Purifi (tweeters) to try :ROFLMAO:
edit: model numbers in bold for clarity: X, 4 ohm, fibre cone.
edit: advertised elsewhere, I reserve the right to pull the ad.

Ideally Suits Australian/New Zealand/Oceania buyer- since I already paid for shipping from Denmark/Norway so you'll get a bigger discount.
But if you really want them, shipping to Europe/North America is fine by me.
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